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Posted by: 23.07.2018

At the moment, you can find a huge number of various applications for mobile devices that can perform various functions, ranging from optimizing a mobile phone, ending with the ability to plan their employment and try to control all areas of their lives. There are a lot of applications at the moment, but we want to focus your attention on the notepad application for Android. It seems to be that it may be unusual? But in fact, this simplified notebook will allow you to enter necessary data in time, make notes, sort your notes and use them at any time.

Quick notepad - the best solution to the problem with improvised records. Considering that it’s not so convenient to carry an additional notebook and pen, the fast notebook provides similar functions and fits in your mobile phone. It remains only to find the application on Android, download it and install. The program does not require a large amount of free space, has a simplified structure and can even offer a voice notepad option, which can be convenient in certain cases.

Quick notepad with simple controls.

What programs are better to use?

Like any similar software development, a quick notepad has a list of high-quality copies that have a different interface, have additional features and can be an excellent option if you want something new:

  1. Quick notepad
  2. Springpad
  3. Jorte
  4. wrestling
  5. Freenote
  6. Sleep as an Droid
  7. Som todo

This is not the whole list of available applications, but this set will allow you to carefully study all the features of this development and try to find what you really need. Each program has its own style, features, and sometimes even additional functions. But you shouldn’t think long over what to choose, it is better to test all available programs and choose the simplest or functional option, it all depends on your needs.

Wide selection of notebooks

Why use these programs?

Comparing applications is becoming more and more difficult each time, as manufacturers try to create something unique and well recognizable each time. But nevertheless, you just need to be well acquainted with all the available methods and try to choose the best option. In addition, we tried to compare most of the available programs and we were able to identify a number of features that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Programs have the most simple and intuitive interface.
  2. It is possible to somehow influence the appearance of programs, using for the design of a variety of skins and modifications
  3. There are no annoying ads in these programs.
  4. There is an opportunity to work in complex with the TXT file format.
  5. Consume minimal resources and take up less space.
  6. It has no special system requirements and works on almost any smartphone model.
  7. The speed of work has excellent performance and high efficiency.

Quick notepad - has a lot of advantages

Important nuances

Applications are quite interesting and pleasant in terms of use, but it is worth remembering about one important nuance that is associated with your work on a mobile phone. The fact is, if you create a lot of different notes, then they can be deleted by programs that optimize free space and the level of performance of the mobile device. To avoid this unpleasant moment, you just need to select a separate folder for your notes and in the settings of the application that is optimizing processes, make an exception to the folder where your notes are stored.

Notepad is a universal mobile phone tool that can solve a huge number of different problems. Thanks to the simplified work and readiness to systematically use your time, as well as not to litter your memory with important events, you can safely use the available functionality that will solve most problems in this direction.

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