Where to get the iOS emulator (iPad) for Windows

Posted by: 09.11.2017

Greetings to you, dear lovers of Apple iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. In this regard, we have a lot in common with you, but oh well, we will not breed lyrics, but we will proceed to our today's topic. And we will talk today about the iOS emulator (iPad), to be precise, the iPad emulator.

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In general, the situation with emulators of the apple operating system for PC Windows 7, 8 is sad. Unfortunately, full-fledged and fully functional iOS emulators (iPad), in fact, do not exist.

There are, how to put it better, simulators, i.e. programs do not emulate, but simulate the operation of iOS (iPad) on your PC Windows 7, 8. For example, an emulator would be better suited for launching games and applications, launching games on a simulator would be somewhat difficult, but still, to some extent, launching games is possible.

Today we will talk about the emulator (read the simulator) iPad, which is called iPadian. By the way, a very high-quality and beautiful product, in fact, it is one of a kind, at least I have not seen more similar programs for PC Windows 7, 8. If you know a good emulator (simulator) for iOS (iPad or iPhone), then please share the link to it in the comments to this post, thanks in advance.

Launching games on iPadian is also possible, but with some limitations, the App Store is also not working correctly, or rather, it doesn't work at all, but try it, maybe you will have a different situation, everything can be.

iPadian is currently the only solution that will allow you, if you do not fully enjoy iOS (iPad), then at least enjoy the visual component of iOS, i.e. appearance. Download program You can from the official site, the link is just below.


You can download this application for your PC Windows 7 using the link - http://ipadian.en.softonic.com/.

IOS Emulator - iPadian

Important: for the installation and correct operation of the program (emulator) iPadian on your Windows PC, the latest, at this point in time, version of Adobe AIR must be installed. You can download and install the latest version of Adobe AIR via the link - http://get.adobe.com/ru/air/.

The iPadian software (emulator) does not require Windows 7,8 to be installed on your PC. Just download the program, run its executable file and enjoy the beautiful view of iOS 7.


Today, this is all, I hope you could easily download and use the program iPadian. Of course, this program is not a full-fledged emulator (at least not for the app store of games), but if we took into account the current situation on the market of iOS emulators, the iPadian program is the only solution (not for app store games). If you have any thoughts about today's article or you want to share useful links with other readers, then you are welcome in the comments under this note.

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    Sergey Bliznetsov (10.11.2017 17: 58)

    I do not know. Maybe I try to download, but not the fact that it will go.
    Since I have a laptop "ASUS K54h" is a normal laptop.
    But still try.

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    vovan1 (10.11.2017 21: 29)

    thank you

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    Andrey Vitushkin (13.11.2017 08: 54)

    Oh-oh-oh-oh, a normal emulator was found, and then I re-searched everything, then I’ll write it to him in “VK”
    By the way applications there paid?

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      Christina (11.11.2017 05: 07)

      So how?) It turns out to write with him in the "VK" or "classmates"?
      icon is also put?

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