How does Siri work on iPhone?

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Siri is a special assistant who helps to work with the phone. The program is able to perform various operations. First of all it concerns typing and searching for the necessary information. About how to use the program on the iPhone, we'll talk further.

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To run this program, go to “Settings”, select the “Basic” section and then click “Siri”. Here you need to check the connection function. To use the application on the network, you must verify that data transfer is enabled.

There are several ways to contact the program:

  • Standard Home button - you need to hold it until the program asks the owner of the phone a question, how it can help you. After that, you must ask a question or task.
  • “Hi, Siri” - connect your phone to charging and then say “Hello, Siri”, and then ask for a request. On models starting with the 6-series, no charging connection is required.

  • Communication through the headset with the remote control - you must hold the button in the center or call. When the phone beeps, ask.
  • In a car with the support of the “Not Looking” or “CarPlay” function - on the steering wheel, press and hold the voice call and ask. On the screen, you can press the "Home" button or a sound wave.

How does Siri work on iPhone?

For dictation, the program can be used for a maximum of half a minute.

To change the program’s voice, go to “Settings”, find “Basic”, click “Siri” and go to the “Male / Female” section. vote". If you need to change the language, then in the same section you need to click "Language" and select the appropriate option in the list that appears.

Useful Tips

If the application does not work, first of all you need to make sure that it is enabled. In certain cases, the program will apologize and report that there are problems with the network connection, and may also ask to repeat the request. After that, you will need to check the connection. In certain cases, the application may resume work after a reboot. Also, you can try to disable Siri, and run it again. Try the program to work with the headset, if it only works with headphones, then, most likely, there are problems with the gadget's microphones.

Sometimes when you press the Home key, the application does not make any sounds. It must be remembered that the sound signal on the device indicates that the application can ask commands or questions. On phones with operating systems of the ninth series and later, the vibration signal is triggered, and the sound is heard only through the headset.

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