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Posted by: 13.03.2018

Browser TOR for Android smartphone
The Tor browser is the best, anonymous browser that used to be installed on PC devices with the Windows operating system, and now, on an Android device, this browser will be as if it was created exclusively for them. This internet browser has Russian language, which means that users of the CIS countries will be able to easily figure out how to use this application on their smartphones. Among other things, on android-smartphones and tablets, the installed TOR browser works without any complaints, doing its job perfectly. The main task of the browser is to preserve the anonymity of users on the Internet. Previously, there was no question of any privacy, however, already now, thanks to the built-in functionality of this finished product, every willing user can remain hidden and protected in the network.

This product does not need the latest phone, the browser does not consume a lot of resources and therefore the tor browser for Android is considered the best solution among all present analogues in the XXI century.

What is the TOR browser used for?

Any Internet browser is primarily necessary to run any sites stored on servers, but speaking about this ready-made solution, you can highlight the following important points:

  • The browser is legal, provides protection on the Internet, is completely safe to use;
  • Browser created for privacy. It is difficult to find out the real ip-address of a person, which sites he visited, as well as which files they downloaded;
  • Anonymity, complete crawling about providers, tracking systems and administrators of various sites;
  • A person can view those projects that were closed by the provider, using the chain of anonymity of another country;

Tor Browser Features

This browser has certain advantages due to which it stands out from the rest.

  • It will not be possible to download anything through peer-to-peer networks, because then the real IP address will be known;
  • The developers of this product have blocked access to many plugins and extensions that interfere with the correct work in the network and can give the exact location of the user;


Due to the fact that the list of users who actively use the Tor browser is actively growing, developers are constantly introducing new functionality, which henceforth becomes very advantageous. This browser is perfect for those people who do not want their steps to be tracked by other people and many are confident that the browser is primarily designed for self-expression, that is, it will be actively used by those people who want to go to sites that interest them and not to those that they are allowed to access by their provider. This finished product is completely free and install it on your smartphone or tablet, maybe everyone.

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