How to disable or enable T9 on Android

Posted by: 04.03.2018

Modern smartphones make life much easier. However, sometimes functions aimed at simplifying use are frankly superfluous. One of them is the prediction of the entered words, or, in other words, the Т9 dictionary. Her task is to select the right words for the first letters entered. In addition, it can automatically correct words and even phrases entered with errors.

However, such a seemingly convenient function has a significant drawback, which manifests itself in the recruitment of specific terms or the use of slang turns during correspondence. As a result, the words needed by the user are replaced with “suitable” in the dictionary's opinion variants, and the meaning of the text is distorted. Usually such a dictionary can be taught, but over time its work bothers you and the question arises how to disable T9 on Android? Depending on the model of the smartphone and the version of the operating system, this can be done in several ways.

Setting via the smartphone options menu

This method is suitable if you use the T9 keyboard, pre-installed by the manufacturer of the smartphone. You should go to the settings and find the item "Language and input." It is possible to change all the parameters relating to typing. However, we are interested in exactly the function AutoCorrect.

Android keyboard settings

To deactivate it, find the input method you previously included and click on it. In the menu that appears, there will be a sub-item that allows you to configure the keyboard module to suit your needs. Finding the section that will be called “AutoCorrect”, “Correction while Entering” or having another similar name (depending on the software version and manufacturer of the phone), open it and turn the switch to “Off”.

disable automatic replacement android

Now the words will not automatically change as you type, which will positively affect the speed of typing. This can be done both on the phone and on a tablet or even a laptop running the Android OS.

Installing an alternative program

The Android operating system is good because it has flexible settings and allows you to completely customize your interface depending on your wishes. The developers did not bypass the opportunity to change the appearance and functionality of the keyboard by installing third-party applications. As an example, consider the proprietary keyboard from Google called Gboard. It can easily be found in the company's Android app store called Google Play.

gboard and google play

After installation, the initial setup should be done. The first step is to select it as the default input source. Phone "Maize" may issue a warning that the data entered with it, may be available to third parties. You can safely ignore this warning, because the developer is a large company.

gboard selection input source

After that, find the shortcut of the newly installed application in the phone menu and launch it. The customization menu will appear, allowing you to make the necessary settings. Among all the points will be the “correction of the text” that we need. Open it, find the subsection "Auto-Correction" and turn the switch to "Off". As a result, the entered text will not be changed automatically.

The advantages of the second method

As you can see, there are other switches in the “Correction of Text” menu, among which are “Suggest options” and “Prompt words”. If you are used to using the T9 function, but it prevents you from typing quickly and makes you constantly go back, then this option is for you.

Text correction menu in Gboard

The essence of his work lies in the fact that the keyboard panel does not replace the self-entered words, but offers three options in the upper part, which are suitable for the first characters entered. In addition, depending on the previous word, possible continuations are proposed for compiling a phrase, and the Т9 dictionary is independently trained in the process of work, even when the function is disabled. As a result, over time, typing simple phrases like “I love you and wish you good night” can never touch the keyboard itself.

What to do if the function is needed again

Over time, you may want to return the AutoCorrect. How to enable T9 on Android in this case? It is enough to repeat in the reverse order the steps described in this article. It is worth noting that when using the Gboard, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the dictionary remembers most of the speech turns you use and works much better than immediately after installation.

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