Change the date in devices with Android operating system

Posted by: 14.03.2018

When using a gadget - phone or tablet - based on Android, some users have problems when setting the date. The problem is solved simply.

Greetings, today we will touch on the topic of how to change the date in the Android gadget, such as a phone or tablet. For some reason, many people have problems with this.

To start working on a smartphone or tablet, first of all, you need to open the device menu. To this end, you need to click on the button located in the bottom of the screen in the middle.

You need to scroll through the screen to the left and find the "Settings" section, which has an icon in the gear image. Here you need to find the item "Date and time." And in turn you need to click on it.. In the LG G2 mini smartphone, this item is in the “General” section, and on the tablet it is in the “System” subsection.


After the last action you will be in the menu. In it, you can customize the date, select the date format and set other settings. Here you will need to select the item “Set date” and set the desired year, month and day. At the very beginning, for convenience, it is preferable for you to set the desired date format, preferably.

Initially, there is a digital format in which the year, month and day follow in order, although you can choose excellent options. Then you will need to open the "Date" section and in the future it will be necessary to sequentially scroll through all the columns, thus setting the correct values. Then click “Finish” for the configuration settings to take effect.

It is useful to know that on some versions of android you will not be able to change the date, since it is configured automatically. Element "Set date" there is a gray tint. In this situation, you will need to remove the check mark from the “Auto Date and Time Settings” item.

Then everything starts to change. On the tablet in order to acquire the ability to change the date, it is important to disable its synchronization over the network. To do this, uncheck the box next to the “Network date and time” item. From model to tablet model and in different versions of OS android the location of menu items and their name may differ.

Device and Operator Mismatch


Also, as an option, it may be that the time that is set on the phone by the manufacturer with the date and time set by the operator does not match. Quite often, this can happen with the Tele2 network and in these cases you will need to pull out the SIM card, then follow to restore and reset and then reset the settings.

Then again in the time settings, you will need to uncheck the items: “Network time zone”, “Network date and time”, and set the time zone you need just below. Reinsert the SIM card and set your date and time.

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