Set up Android unlocking. Types of unlocking.

Posted by: 14.07.2018

Many owners of gadgets with Android OS sometimes forgot to forget the password from unlocking the system. In our article we will look at various types of unlocking and setting them up.

Each device with the Android operating system has special protection with which you can easily prevent unwanted access by other potential users.

This lock is carried out using a pattern key. Of course, we use this utility very rarely and over time we forget the password that has been set.. As a result, you get a locked device and a headache. But do not be upset, because there are several simple and effective ways to unlock the screen of the gadget.

Types of unlocking

Kinds of unlocking there is a decent amount, but we will consider the most basic and frequently used:

  • The first method can be attributed to the initial precautionary measure, which is as follows: in case you forget or lose the password, a message with the correct code will be sent to your smartphone. In order to use this method, you need to install an application called SMS Bypass, enter it, allow to use Root rights In android and enter a special text, which, if necessary, will need to be sent to the gadget. According to the standard, the program uses this text "1234 reset". As soon as your device receives a message with this text, it will automatically reboot and you will be able to enter a new password with a tap.. After performing this operation, all screens will become available.
  • The second method can be attributed to the banal discharge of the Android gadget. As soon as a critical condition occurs, the corresponding inscription will appear on the screen. In this situation, you can go to the “battery status” menu, then go to the “Security” tab and disable the screen lock. If you didn’t manage to get access to the screen, then you shouldn’t despair, because there is one more proven way that suits everyone without exception.
    After several attempts to enter your password, you will be prompted to enter data from your Google account.

Surely every Android OS user has it, because without it you cannot download any application for your gadget.. After entering personal data, you can safely turn off the lock by double clicking on the screen on the "cancel" button and continue to use the device.

You can simply try to call your smartphone or tablet. When the call is reflected on the screen, cancel it and quickly go to the settings, then double-click in the "security" to disable the screen lock. This method is available, unfortunately, not every device, so it can take advantage of only a narrow circle of owners of gadgets with the function of making and receiving calls.

  • If none of the suggested methods came up to you, then nothing else remains but to reflash the gadget and reinstall the android version. But in this case, you will lose from your gadget all the data that was stored on it.
  • It is recommended to remove all SIM cards and flash cards before flashing to avoid possible damage to them. After the installation of the system is completed, you can continue to use the gadget, but now with absolutely free memory and lost data.

Double tap lock

Set up Android unlocking. Types of unlocking.

Also, with the help of special software, you can configure the lock of your Android gadget with a double tap. To do this, use the application - Knock Lock.

After installing and configuring the application, as already mentioned above, you can configure the lock on your Android mobile phone to unlock with double tapes..

Setting screen lock

In order to prevent the screen lock from happening every minute on the android device, there are special settings that will help users make the most effective use of protecting the system and sensitive data from unauthorized access. In the standard mode in the settings, it is enough to enable the graphic key of protection. When making a password, use at least four points.

The more points involved, the less likely it is that your device will be unlocked. After enabling this feature, instead of the usual unlocking of the android gadget, a table will appear with dots where you need to enter the invented key-password.

This function can block not only access to the screen, but also to other important folders. To do this, it’s enough to “fall through” to the advanced system protection settings and select the necessary. So, you can protect personal data and passwords of social networks and accounts, important documents, telephone directory and much more.

It is worth noting that each android version has its own list of suggested folders for protection. Naturally, the latest versions of it is the most advanced. With such simple actions you can reliably protect your device from unwanted access by others.

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