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The popular operating system for Android mobile gadgets has extensive specialized functionality that is used by programmers and application debuggers, equipment testers, as well as advanced users who want to get the most from their device. In particular, the OS provides the ability to display the workload of the processor and memory module, record statistics on the use of individual processes and programs. You can also simulate the screen in a variety of resolutions and color schemes, which becomes a real lifesaver for site testers and other professionals responsible for the convenience of working with applications and network resources. To gain access to such options, you need to enable Android developer mode.

How to do this, as well as how to turn off this environment, we consider in detail below. The described actions will be identical for almost all devices running Android, whether it is a top-end smartphone from a well-known brand or a simple and cheap handset from a little-known one.

How to enable Android developer mode?

To gain access to the engineering functionality of the OS, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the menu "Settings"On your gadget and scroll it to the bottom of the"About the device". Depending on the type of platform, it may be called “About phone"Or"About tablet».
  2. We click on the corresponding menu block, after which a window opens where the main parameters of the device are given: its model, technical parameters, OS version and other important data.
  3. Find the item "Build number"(On devices from Xiaomi it is called "MIUI version") And several times click on it several times. After that, the message “You're almost there!"Indicating the required number of clicks on the assembly number.4. We continue to press until the message “You have become a developer!, Which confirms that Android Developer Mode is running.

Developer mode Android - basic toolkit

Go up one menu level and go down to the bottom. Before item “About the device"See the new section"For developers". From here and access to specialized settings.

Click the added menu item - the Android developer mode opens directly. From here you can access the following options:

  • «Error report"- collecting information about the current state of the device and sending a complete report by e-mail.
  • «Backup Password»- allows you to protect the creation of copies of information stored on the device with an individual password.
  • «Do not turn off the screen"- if you check this box, the gadget will always be highlighted when charging.
  • «Choose Wednesday"- here you can set the working environment. On modern gadgets used environment ART и Dalvik - it is better to give preference to the first, it allows you to significantly increase the performance of the device and the programs used.
  • «Enable Bluetooth HCI operation log»- when this option is activated, all Bluetooth data will be displayed in a single file.
  • «HDCP check»- using this tool you can set the procedure for checking copy protection.
  • «Process statistics“- With this toolkit, Android Developer Mode gives you the opportunity to get information about how processes work.

Functional block "Debug"

This menu block contains the following operational features:

  • «Debugging by USB»- activates debugging via USB cable connecting the gadget and computer.
  • «Revoke USB debugging access"- if you activate this function through the developer mode on Android, then a ban on debugging from a computer will be set.
  • «Error Reporting"- enable this option and get the opportunity to record information about the operation of the device and the problems that arise.
  • «Fake location"- a tool from a number of spy lotions, when it is activated when a coordinate is requested, false information will be issued.
  • «Choosing a debugging application"- this subsection allows you to select certain applications that require debugging.
  • «Waiting for debugger connection“- by default the function is inactive and indicates that the debugger device is not connected.
  • «USB installation"- allows you to install third-party programs via USB-cable.
  • «Log buffer size"- here you can set the maximum amount of memory for the system log.

Android Developer Mode - Networks section

Here the following functionality is implemented:

  • «Wireless Monitor Certification»- displays certificate information for connected wireless monitors.
  • «Wi-Fi log“Is a tool that allows you to save RSSI information for each channel when connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • «Connect to a mobile network“- if the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, the device will automatically connect to the mobile Internet network.
  • «Outdated DHCP Client»- thanks to this option, you can use a DHCP client of earlier versions, which is necessary for age devices.
  • «Saving data“- if this menu item is active, then the mobile network will not turn off when Wi-Fi is turned on, which will allow you to switch between data channels faster and easier.
  • «USB configuration»- setting the standard order of connection to the computer.

Engineering menu - section "Enter text"

This section presents the following specific tools:

  • «Click display“- if this tool is activated, then when you tap the device’s screen, a dot will be displayed in the appropriate place.
  • «Touch Display»- when this option is enabled, even random touches will be displayed on the screen.

Android Developer Mode - Drawing Section

  • «Display of updated surfaces"- updated windows are fully highlighted.
  • «Displaying the borders of elements"- the fields and objects presented on the screen are distinguished by individual fields.
  • «Right to Left Text"- for all supported languages, text input from the right to the left is included.
  • «Animated windows"- enable / disable animation for windows, set the required scale.
  • «Animation duration»- set the speed of the animation effects.
  • «Emulation of additional screens"- the ability to turn on the backup screen. This option is convenient, for example, when testing mobile programs and sites.

Android Developer Menu - Hardware Acceleration of Visualization Effects Sector

Here implemented tools such as:

  • «GPU Acceleration"- when you run this option for 2-dimensional graphics, the default GPU resource will be used.
  • «Screen refresh"- if this item is enabled, then when the image is drawn on the display by means of the GPU, it will be highlighted.
  • «Display hardware updates“- using this tool will provide a highlight of hardware updates.
  • «Debug overlays»- using this option you can customize the display of screen overlays.
  • «Debugging non-rectangular truncations"- options for the function: a) Off, b) Display of non-rectangular sections, c) Testing the drawing environment.
  • «4 * MSAA"- activation of this mod launches the" 4 * MSAA "option for applications using the OpenGL ES version of 2.0.
  • «Disable hardware overlays“- if this tool is deactivated, then the GPU resource will be used for all layout operations.
  • «Imitation of anomalies"- setting the color scheme for users with impaired color perception.

The functional section of "Multimedia"

  • «Disable audio transfer to USB devices"- Prohibits the automatic transfer of audio over a USB connection.

Submenu "Monitoring"

  • «Strict regime"- screen backlight when performing long duration operations.
  • «Display CPU Load"- this option displays on the screen information about the degree of CPU utilization.
  • «GPU running time»- creating a report on the duration of use of the graphics processor.
  • «Enable OpenGL tracing"- activation of various ways to trace OpenGL.

Engineering menu Android - "Applications" section

Android Developer Mode allows you to perform the following operations with installed programs:

  • «Do not save actions»- when this option is activated, all information about actions in applications will be erased after they are closed.
  • «Limiting background processes"- allows you to set a limit on the number of processes running in the background, which has a positive effect on the speed of the device.
  • «All ANR"- if this tool is used, then with lags and freezes of applications, the user will receive appropriate alerts.
  • «Inactive applications"- the option displays a list of running programs, allowing you to complete those that are no longer needed.

Thus, the engineering mod of Android is arranged. The names of functions may vary depending on the version of the system and the Russification package, but their purpose is always preserved.

How to disable Android Developer Mode

When all the necessary operations have been completed, you can complete the work of the environment for developers. To do this, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Open the menu "Settings"And scroll to the bottom to the section"For developers».
  • We go in it and see the switch at the very top.
  • Click on it - it turns off the tuner for Android developers.
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