TOP-5 best fighting games for Android

Posted by: 19.01.2018

Hello everyone, dear readers. Today we have another interesting collection of games on devices based on Android OS. I’m not mistaken if I say that almost all of us in childhood loved to play various fighting games (or fights - as this genre of games often likes to call): mortal kombat, taken 3 and others, others, others ... I, at one time, now I used to flirt with my friends in Mortal Kombat three, I even started a notebook where I wrote down various combos.

Fighting for Android

But, unfortunately, or fortunately, that time was gone and mobile devices replaced the prefixes. Now one small mobile phone on Android will be able to replace you, which one may be, an old console like sega or nintento.

Below, I picked up for you five, in my opinion, the best fighting games that are currently released on Android. See, try, play, and of course, have fun.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that download games for Android You can follow the suggested link. We move, swing, play.

5 Place - Fightback

Google Play


This is not exactly a fighting game, in the usual sense of the word. Rather, a mixture of Adventure and Fighting. You have to go through location for one hundred levels location by location, at the same time turning all who arise on your way to buckwheat, because these people have stolen and imprisoned your sister.

It is possible to hit the enemies with your hands, kick with your feet, and also strike combo strikes with the help of various movements on the sensor of your Android device.. Download the game you can on the link above.

4 Place - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Google Play

Injustice: Gods Among Us

The fourth place is occupied by the battle of superheroes. I played this game on my iPad, but I'm sure it came out on Android as well, and maybe even better.

This game is a kind of a mixture: you have to collect and open cards with images of various superheroes. What cards you collect, those fighters and will manage when you enter the ring one on one with a computer.

By the way, the game is very addictive, I want to accumulate as many interesting and cool cards as possible to insert at last an evil opponent. Download this fighting game you can absolutely free of charge at the link published above.

3 Place - WWE Immortals

Google Play

WWE Immortals

The honorable third place in our, furious, TOP takes the game WWE Immortals. In the game you have to destroy the heads of various fighters from the world of Immortals. An interesting feature of the game is that you can collect entire teams from players and already these teams can fight with a computer opponent.

As in most of the fighting games on Android, you can strike with your hands, feet, and also make various beautiful combos with the help of a special touch control implemented in this game..


Google Play


I just could not include this wonderful game in the selection. Without exaggeration - Mortal Kombat - a fighting game of all times and peoples. And, fortunately, the Android version did not disappoint. I would put this game in the first place, but, in my opinion, on Google Play there is a more addictive fighting game, not according to the schedule of course, but precisely by pulling into the game process. But more about that later.

Meet the already beloved heroes of the game: scorpion, sub-zero and others in the wonderfully implemented Android version of the game MORTAL KOMBAT X recently released on the console. Everything that we love so much in Mortal Kombat is implemented in this Android version. Download the game from Google Play you can on the link above (you can download for free).

1 Place - Shadow Fight 2

Google Play

Shadow Fight 2

And finally, in the first place I put my favorite fighting game - the battle of the shadow of 2. I think many such a choice of games for the first place in the TOP seems strange. But, believe me, the game, absolutely deservedly, takes the first place. Of the features I would like to note that the game is a very atmospheric and addictive fighting game. This game just can not get bored, the more you play, the more you want. The more you pass, the more you want to go on.

Unlike traditional fighting games, where a fighter cannot be equipped with various types of weapons, in a battle of shadow game you can buy for a fighter: armor, weapons and throwing weapons. Download this game (for free) you can on the link above.

Today, this is all, so it turned out this TOP TOP fighting game on Android. Hope you enjoyed the games. Do not forget to share a selection on social networks, as well as leave a comment.

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