Fallout Shelter: a new popular game

Posted by: 21.05.2018

Hello everyone, dear readers. In today's small article I will review a very popular (by the way, the game is deservedly popular), recently, the game on Android and iOS is Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter is a game for Android mobile operating systems (release date - 13 August 201 of the year) and iOS (release date 14 of June 2015 of the year) developed jointly by two companies: Bethesda Game Studios and Behavior Interactive.

Since I do not store game files (Fallout Shelter is no exception) on my servers, download for Android This game you can on the published link. You can find the version for the iOS operating system in the AppStore.

I must say that the Android version of the game and the iOS version are absolutely identical. Of course, as far as games on two mobile operating systems can be identical: Android and iOS.


In this Android and iOS game — Fallout Shelter (you can download it from the link above) —you have to play the role of caretaker. No, you do not have to look after prisoners, everything is much more noble. You will manage your bomb shelter, in which you have to escape from public attack. In general, you act as a kind of savior. A couple of screenshots from the game, I think, you will not interfere.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

You have to monitor the inhabitants of the shelter, the number of which should not exceed the bar of two hundred people. For these purposes, various tools are available to you: both free and paid (since the game is shareware, you can buy various buns in the game store).

You will also have to keep the bomb shelter in its proper shape, otherwise you risk losing. To maintain the economy, you need to competently manage the inhabitants of your bomb shelter. This can be done by proper distribution of their strengths and skills. Also, especially hardy people you can send for the extraction of useful, for the economy of bomb shelters, resources.

Fallout Shelter

With the passage of the game Fallout Shelter and the development of your bomb shelter, along with the residents, you can equip a kind of expedition to survey the wastelands in order to find useful resources in them.

Fallout Shelter

As your bomb shelter grows, its population will also grow; there are two options for this: the arrival of new recruits from the wasteland and the natural birth process with the help of men and women. Of course, for a favorable atmosphere of population growth, you will need to maintain a bomb shelter in the proper form: reliable protection, food, electricity, etc..

Fallout Shelter


The game was not without interesting, in my opinion, opportunities, namely:

  • In Fallout Shelter, you can give names to all babies who appear in the dorm. If you plan to become, in the future, a father or mother, then you can train yourself in inventing names;
  • The average rating that this game received in gaming magazines is 7 from 10;
  • The age rating of the game is 12 +;
  • Unfortunately, at the moment there is no full-fledged Russian version of Fallout Shelter, the game is only in English, but, in principle, this does not prevent to fully play and win.

Today, this is all, I remind you that you can download the game on Android or iOS via the link that I published at the beginning of this short review. I will also be grateful if you leave a comment on this review, as well as share it on social networks.

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