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Posted by: 31.03.2018

Hello everyone, dear users of Apple iPhone and iPad devices. In today's article, I will make a small selection of programs for mobile gadgets that will help you not only perform standard tasks, but also turn your iPhone or iPad into an indispensable tool in conducting and working on a business: both offline business and online business.

As technology advances, mobile gadgets are getting closer and closer, as features, performance and performance are getting closer to personal computers.. More and more serious developers are looking at mobile devices not as expensive toys, but as a full-fledged, productive device capable of performing complex tasks.


Gradually, there are programs and applications that can replace not only a personal computer, but also become truly indispensable business aids. It is about these three programs I will try to tell you in today's material. So let's go.

MS Office

MS Office

Probably everyone knows what Microsoft office is, because almost all people who used a computer at least once used the program from the Microsoft Office suite to solve their problems. Finally, this package has migrated to mobile devices. And not just migrated, but it retained all the features of the package.

Now you can compose graphs, print text, work with e-mail, enter and process data in a spreadsheet from your iPhone and iPad mobile gadget.


What is important in any business? That's right, the ability to allocate your time and spend it not in vain, but as productively as possible. The more qualitatively you optimize your working time, the greater the likelihood of obtaining a good profit. Vanderlist is a tool that, in my opinion, is a leader in the topic of time management on the iPhone and iPad.

Truly rich opportunities will make of your mobile device a real, personal secretary and an indispensable assistant in such a difficult task as the optimization of working time.



One more indispensable tool in your business, this program, no, this is a whole software package - EverNote. This application will allow you to store all your data, photos and notes, including forex quotes taken from

Also, EverNone will allow you to store all the ideas that also come to your head in one place and access them from any of your devices..

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