Templar Battleforce RPG review on iOS and Android

Posted by: 30.05.2018

Greetings to you, dear lover of mobile games. This week in the AppStore and Google Play stores, a new game in the RPG genre - Templar Battleforce. The game is a port from a personal computer..

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Playing a good RPG game is a nice thing, and multiplied by two if you play a good RPG on a mobile device. It will be possible to kill time when traveling in a minibus, well, or you can play at work until the boss sees. One of these RPG games that can successfully gobble up a bunch of your free time is Templar Battleforce.

Templar Battleforce - a game developed by Trese Brothers Games is a game ported from personal computers. This seems to me gives it a special highlight. If we compare this game with previous RPG games developed by Trese Brothers Games, such as Heroes of Steel, and Star Traders 4X, then Templar Battleforce on their background is more successfully implemented.

In the game you have to for forty levels, both in the corridors and in the open area, there really will be a place where you can realize your military ambitions, manage a squad of templar, much better known as the Templars. If these terms are not familiar to you, then the crusaders are probably familiar with the term - these are monks, knights, who chop up all those who do not share their worldview in the world and God in particular.

Taking under the control of the command of these menacing fighters you have to break through the hordes of enemies and fill up the most important antagonist in the game, the evil Xenos. In fact, the game is standard for such games: the levels in which you chop enemies, at the end of the level there is an evil boss, whom you also chop.

But, in the game there are very interesting features that will undoubtedly appeal to lovers and not only fans of this genre..

What really pleased me was, if I may say so, freedom of creativity. The game has great customization options. You will be able to choose according to your taste, and I’m sure you have a good taste, not only the appearance of each Templar from your squad, but also pick up armor on them for various equipment. In general, as I said, there is an opportunity for a good turn around.

When preparing the script for this review, I looked at the ratings of this game in the Google Play mobile store (there are no ratings in the AppStore yet), then my face looked like this. By the way, the PC version of the game on the incentive scored 99% positive reviews.

The game is not demanding on the resources of your tablet computer or smartphone. Templar Battleforce will go for Apple gadgets, starting with iOS 7.1. For Android, the game is available starting with the OS version with the 2.3 number.

Among all these undoubtedly good factors there is an unpleasant factor, how can one do without a fly in the ointment. The game has a fairly high cost in the AppStore and Google Play. And so far it does not support the Russian language. But, despite these troubles, the game is still very interesting and addictive.

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