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Posted by: 10.03.2018

Experienced owners of mobile phones or other variants of technology with Android have long known that such a thing as adb or adb shell is. But there are those who have just purchased a device on the Android OS, as a result of which they do not understand what actions or results can be obtained using adb.

Adb - we specify all the details

What is adb? This is part of a special emulator, with which you can connect a computer, as well as all devices that are connected to it. Works adb using specialized codes. In other words, adb is a console software with many features, including:

  • Copy the necessary files from the device to the computer;
  • Downloading files from a computer to an Android device;
  • Receive reports on specific device errors;
  • View and manage contacts.

In addition, adb can be called an excellent tool that will allow unlock certain android devices, to detect various errors of the programs, as well as many other things.

Adb contains a specific set of commands and is usually used in conjunction with another console software - FastBoot.

About adb commands

First of all, it is very important to clarify whether the device is properly connected to the computer. If everything is working normally, the computer sees the device, you should enter the command adb devices. A message with a list of devices should appear on the screen, otherwise it is worth checking the operation of the cables, the port, and the presence of the necessary drivers. After checking we prescribe again adb devices and continue to work.

There is an option to connect the device via wireless Internet, which is more convenient. For this action you need to know the IP address, and also have on your computer ADB Wireless. If such an application has already been downloaded, enter a specific command in the form adb connect ip: port.

To install an application on a device, the command will help. adb installbut should point the way to *. Apk the file.

Sending or accepting files to the device is carried out using the commands push or accordingly pull.

Benefits of Routing

Routing your device is, in simple words, removing all restrictions on access to the system files on the device. This allows you to fully manage the file system, as well as all the parameters of the OS. After obtaining root-rights, it is possible to easily circumvent the restrictions that were established during the manufacture of the device.

Routing allows you to perform various useful actions:

  • Creating files;
  • File modification;
  • Modify or delete specific files.

When using adb with root access rights adb root, the user gets a lot more features, the most important of which is the deletion of certain system files that cannot be deleted otherwise. Extended rights give access to hidden settings.

Advantages of root rights:

  • Install or remove unnecessary programs;
  • Installation of special devices;
  • Installing firmware to expand the functionality of the device;
  • Improving the efficiency of the device;
  • The ability to block ads and others.

But the use of root-rights has some negative sides:

  • Warranty is no longer valid. Most manufacturers of smartphones put a condition that after the activation of the process of rutting, the device is removed from the guarantee. But such a moment is reversible, which pleases.
  • The moment of obtaining these rights cannot be controlled, as a result of which the phone may become unusable.
  • Root-rights entail a certain risk, because the security system of the device is violated.

Installing adb on a computer

To install it is worth going to the page "SDK Platform Tools»And download the version that will fit the computer's operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux). In the downloaded archive you will find everything:

You can run adb as a simplified unix console, if you use the command adb shell. Examples of working with the console you can find on the Internet, in principle, nothing complicated.

We read LogCat

LogCat is one of the debugging tools with which you can read the log of logs. Very often you have to perform several actions and commands in order to clearly understand the reasons why the application does not work. LogCat allows you to break up errors into different groups, highlight serious problems of a different nature. Runs on command adb logcat

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