How to download APK files from Google Play

Posted by: 18.05.2018

Hello everyone, dear readers. Today I will tell you how you can, quickly and without installing additional software tools on your Android mobile gadget, download (online) the APK file of any application to your computer and then add it to your phone.

To begin, let us tell you what the APK (APC) file is and why you need it. APK file - file with the application, the program for the Android operating system. Download the file with the application, you can download it to your device and later install on it.

We will download APK files directly from the Google Play store itself. We will do this with the help of a special tool called APK (APK) Downloader (downloader). A link to this tool and instructions for its use can be found below.


Follow the simple instructions below and you can easily download the APK files of all your favorite and necessary Android applications:

  • First of all, you need to go to the page of the application, the apk file of which you need to download to your personal computer. Make it easy, type in the name of the application in the search and go to its page;
  • Next, copy from the address bar of your browser (screenshot below) URL path to this application in the mobile store Android apps Google Play;
  • Link to the app in Google Play

  • Now you need to go over this link. In the window that opens, find the URL entry field (screenshot below) and paste the link copied in the previous step into this field;
  • Link to the app in Google Play

  • Now you need to click on the “Generate Download Link” button. The service at the URL you specified will find the APK file and generate a link to download it;
  • Now, for a successful file download, you need to make a large (below screenshot) green button (located under the “Generate Download Link” button) and wait while your browser downloads the required file to the folder where you have all the downloads.
  • Download apk file from google play

Everything, the file is uploaded, now you need to download this file into the memory of your smartphone or tablet based on the popular Android operating system (you can do this via an SD card, or via a USB cable), find the file and run it.

Also, it is possible to download APK files from the Google Play mobile app store using special software.. But this method is bad because then you have to enter your data from your Google account, which, from a security point of view, is not entirely acceptable - enter your data into third-party applications. Therefore, I recommend that you use only the above described method for downloading APK files.

Today I have everything, I hope the tool described in this article was useful for you. If so, I would be grateful if you share these materials in your accounts on social networks, as well as share your opinion in the comments to this post. See you.

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