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Posted by: 16.10.2018

Greetings to you, dear reader and, undoubtedly, a happy user of electronic devices based on the Android operating system. In today's article, we will talk with you about the player for Android, namely the pro - audio player. Nowadays, the time of rapid development of technologies, including the development of mobile technologies, your phone is not only a communication tool, but also a pocket, convenient audio player, which is very comfortable to use..

But, in order for your Android device (Android) to play different songs in different formats, you need to install special software on it, which, in fact, will allow you to manage your music files. Of course, you can use a standard media player, but, as is usually the case, everything standard is not very convenient to use, so we will use a third-party media player.

Each media player from the list below was rated by the following criteria, in my opinion, It is on the points below that the quality and convenience of the player can be assessed.:

  • Ease of use. A media player that is not convenient to use, be it at least a hundred times functional, can not be considered good and thoughtful. The audio player should be easy to use, all the necessary functions should be visible, or, better yet, placed in the main window of the program;
  • The ability to sort music. Very often, when we upload music to an Android device, it is not systematized and sorted. A good media player for the Android operating system (Android) should support the ability to create lists and playlists;
  • “Pantophagy”. The more different music formats your media player supports, the better. The following Android apps (Android) support almost all currently popular music file formats;
  • Nice design. I, and most likely you, always enjoy working with a tool that has a pleasant, lightweight design. Media player is no exception.

So let's try to determine the best tool for playing music files on a device based on the Android operating system (Android) (To download applications, use the links under the headings.).

WinAmp (FreeAmp)

The author has suspended support for the application, as there will be additional news, we will inform you

Media Player for Android - WinAmp (FreeAmp)
This media player can, quite, rightly be called the most popular and one of the highest quality products on the market for software products of this format. I have no doubt that many of you already know, or can use right now, this player on your desktop personal computer.

Below I give some features of this tool for Android (Android):

  • The media player supports a large number of different music formats, among them the most famous: Mp3, AAC and others;
  • Ability to sort music files: by artist and album;
  • This media player is free, you can download it from the link above.

Above are, of course, not all the features and tools of this player, in order to evaluate the media player in full, you need to download and try it.

As mentioned above - support for this application is not maintained. The app has been removed from their Google Play store. Of course, you can search for this audio player on other sites, but, all the same, we do not recommend you to download the application from unofficial sources. It is better to stop the choice on programs which are given below.

PlayerPro Music Player


Media Player for Android - PlayerPro Music Player
Another cool media player that will delight you with its sound and capabilities. By the link above you can download a free, trial version of this player. If you like the player, you can purchase its full version. Features and features of the presented player:

  • Ability to sort music: by album, by artist, in random order;
  • Ability to view video;
  • The application supports changes to the interface using additional "skins".



Media Player for Android - Poweramp
A very popular tool for playing music on Android OS (Android). Among the distinctive features of this player, I would like to note the following (in principle, almost all players have all these tools, they are implemented in this product as conveniently as possible and do not overload the application with unnecessary functionality):

  • The ability to adjust the low and high frequencies;
  • Supports interface changes through “Skins”;
  • The media player “can” automatically find and download album art;
  • And much more…. Download the trial version of the application, you can link above.

Today, this is all, I hope you have selected the best Android tool for yourself.

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I also recommend that you read other articles on the site.

I also want to remind you about one simple thing - it is always better to download applications (and the audio player is not an exception) only from official sources, official sources include Google Play and the AppStore. With this simple action, you will not only protect yourself and your gadget, but also support the developer of the application.

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