Disable auto updates on Android

Posted by: 16.05.2018

Hello everyone, dear users of Android devices. Today, or rather in this article, I will tell you how to quickly and safely disable the automatic update of any application and programs on your Android device. This is done, literally, for three tapas on your touch screen.. Just repeat the steps that you see below, and you will be happy with no automatic update that will interfere with your undoubtedly comfortable work on the android.

Google Play

The first thing you need to turn off all automatic updates that occur through the built-in Android app - Google Play. Google Play is the official Android store where you download various applications, updates also occur through it. So, to disable the automatic update of applications, do the following:

  • Locate the Google Play icon on your desktop among applications and launch it by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen;
  • Now, on your gadget, click on the “Options” button and in the appeared field uncheck the box next to the “Notifications” item. It is not possible to completely disable auto-updates, there is an opportunity to prohibit updates over the cellular network, thereby you can save money. In the “Auto Updates” item of applications, select the value - only via Wi-Fi.

System update

I would not recommend you disable automatic Android OS updates. Since Updates do not come out for nothing, very often they close holes in the operating system, which can be exploited by various intruders. Therefore, auto-updates of the operating system are very important and should be done regularly.

Android system update

But, if you do not need it, you can turn off automatic updates without any problems. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your mobile gadget: phone or tablet computer. You should have a corresponding icon on the screen, click on it;
  • Further, further find the item “About the device”, it may still be called “About the phone” or similarly. Click on this item and enter;
  • Now find the item “System Update”, for all models of gadgets this item is called differently, so find something similar to the specified phrase. After you find it, click on it. In the screen that appears, select the item - do not update. Everything, your device will not be updated automatically. But, all the same, I strongly recommend that you at least occasionally independently update your operating system in order to protect yourself from the unpleasant actions of various intruders.

Today I have everything, I hope you could understand everything with the help of this small note. I would be grateful if you share the article in social networks. Good luck.

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