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Posted by: 19.02.2018

Android BrowserGreetings to all fans, users and happy owners, wonderful gadgets based on the Android operating system (Android). In today's article, we will touch on quite a serious and important topic, namely, we will try to choose a browser that is most suitable for you to solve your everyday tasks.

With the fierce development of mobile technologies (including Android gadgets), ways of accessing the Internet are also developing, if earlier in order to plunge into the world of the Internet we needed telephone wires, slow modems, logins and passwords, now the Internet has become available to everyone , the main condition is the presence of a suitable device (for example, on the Android OS). I want to please you - if you have an Android (Android) device, then the Internet is available to you. But, here another problem arises - where to get a good program for surfing web pages (such programs are called - browser)?

Below, in this material, I made a selection of five browsers, as it seems to me, the most high-quality and easy to use. Browsers were selected according to the following principles.:

  • Ease of use. The most important criterion for selecting a browser for this collection was ease of reference. In my opinion, a good tool, be it a browser or any other program for Android, should be - easy to use, so that even a novice user can use it;
  • Clear interface. This item follows logically from the previous one. All major browser functions should be moved to the main window and always be at hand, so that if necessary they can be quickly used;
  • Speed. For those who have limited traffic and speed, the Internet is one of the most important features;
  • Additional functions. I also evaluated browsers for additional features, such as an application with Flash support. By the way, Flash technology is supported by almost all browsers from this list.

So, let's begin the review of applications, you will try to choose for yourself the best option (the best). Under the name of each browser, you can find a link to the browser by clicking on which you can download it.



Browser for Android - Yandex Browser
As can be understood from the name of the browser - Yandex Browser - this application is owned and, in fact, developed by Yandex, most likely you are a user of another product - Yandex Search. Well, now let's move on to a brief description of the Yandex Browser and an overview of its main functions and capabilities.:

  • Yandex Browser “can” speed up the loading of pages from the Internet. This feature will be useful if you have a slow Internet connection;
  • Yandex search inside your Yandex Browser. It is quite logical, if we consider who the application developer is;
  • Quick call feature.

You can download this application from the link, which is called the browser.



Browser for Android - Yandex Browser
Opera is one of the most popular browsers, both on Android mobile devices and desktop personal computers. I would like to highlight the following advantages:

  • The speed of loading pages is truly legendary. 80% of users call this browser as the fastest. To estimate the speed of the Opera browser, you need to download it;
  • Beautiful and easy interface, all important tools are moved to the main window;
  • Built-in program for downloading files from the Internet.

Puffin web browser


Browser for Android - Puffin Web Browser
I would recommend this browser for those who frequently view multimedia content (movies, games, music with flash support). Download Puffin can be higher, by reference. Now, as for features:

  • Flash technology support. In the free version, Flash is supported only during the daytime;
  • Upload files to the cloud;
  • The presence of a virtual joystick for playing games, including in Flash.

Google Chrome


Browser for Android - Google Chrome
A popular, high-quality free browser from Google. Of all the advantages, of which the proposal is very much, I would like to note the following:

  • Traffic control. According to the developers, if you use this browser, the volume of incoming traffic is halved;
  • Built-in web page translator;
  • As for Flash technology support, it's hard to say, but old versions of the Flash browser did not support;
  • There is a voice search.



Browser for Android - FireFox
Another popular browser, known largely due to its version for desktop personal computers. Pros:

  • A large number of different extensions and additions;
  • Smart screen technology;
  • Different modes of viewing pages and reading text.

That's all for today. I have no doubt that you have selected the best Android (Android) tool. Comment on this article is welcome..

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