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Posted by: 17.10.2018

Greetings to you, dear reader, today I will tell you what the clipboard in the Android mobile gadget (phone or tablet) is, where it is and how to use it correctly in order to easily copy and paste pieces of text into necessary places. . But, first of all, I’ll give the definition of a clipboard so that you understand what we are dealing with.

The clipboard is the part of the memory that stores the copied information (in this case it is the text). Used to copy and paste the necessary parts of the text.

Working with the clipboard in Android (phone or tablet) is very simple. Below is a detailed instruction on this issue. To master this information you will need a maximum of five minutes. So, let's begin.


Follow the instructions below:

  • First of all you need to learn how to copy text to the clipboard. In fact, it is easy to do;
  • Open any text on your mobile device, based on the Android operating system;
  • Next, press a finger on the text and hold until two stops appear: one on the left, the other on the right;
  • With the help of delimiters you need to select the text that you want to copy to the clipboard;
  • After you have selected the text fragment you need, you need to find the button (screenshot below) “Copy (Copy)” and press it. Sometimes the button is accessible from the toolbar, and sometimes it appears in the selection area.

Copy to Android to clipboard

If you did everything correctly, the selected text will be copied to the clipboard on your Android gadget (Samsung, etc.).


Now you have to learn how to paste text from the clipboard wherever you need. Make it as easy as copying the text:

  • Hold your finger on the screen in the area where you want to paste copied text into the clipboard. This area may be a text area in a text editor, or it may be the browser address bar, as in the screenshot;
  • Now it remains to make the final touch - click on the “Insert” button. It may be located in the toolbar, and may appear in the click area. I think you do not miss it, it is very noticeable.

Insert text in Android

Today I have everything, I hope you could figure out how the clipboard on the Android gadget works (for example, the Samsung phone). If the article was useful to you, I would be grateful if you leave a comment (the form is below), and also share a note in your accounts on social networks, such as VKontakte or classmates.

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    Alex (17.10.2018 04: 39)

    thank you)

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    Dasha (17.10.2018 11: 09)

    Well done class that showed how to figure it out.

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    Tatyana (18.10.2018 10: 03)

    It turned

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    Tatyana (19.10.2018 14: 28)

    There is no insert does not appear

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    Svetlana (20.10.2018 13: 39)

    I copied the text in fb, and it flashed to me: the text was copied to the clipboard. And now where is he and how to extract it? Thank you in advance for your help! Respectfully! Svetlana Korneva

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      Andrei (17.10.2018 10: 02)

      After copying, the text is saved in the clipboard and to paste it in the right place, just call the function "paste"

      • comment avatar
        Irina (18.10.2018 11: 41)

        I insert what was last copied to the buffer. How to log in to get the previously copied text? Thank.

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