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Posted by: 05.04.2018

Android readerHello everyone, fans of tablet computers, in this case gadgets based on the Android operating system. In today's article, I made a selection of programs that allow you to open e-books, in various popular formats (djvu, pdf, fb2, epub), on your Android device.

Recently, the technology of mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers) has leaped very far forward, which seemed impossible about five years ago, is becoming real and even, to some extent, commonplace today. Now reading books on your smartphone becomes not only possible, but also very convenient.. Due to the small size of the book files (djvu, pdf, fb2, epub), you can build the most real library on your device.


There are a lot of software products that allow reading e-books on mobile devices, including those on Android devices. Such applications have both paid products and free readers. It is worth noting that some free applications of this kind are not inferior to their paid counterparts, and in some cases exceed them in functionality.

As I said above - due to the fact that the size of the e-book files is very small and downloaded to the Android device in just a few seconds, electronic libraries numbering several dozens or even hundreds of thousands of different books began to appear on the Internet. Imagine that you can access a huge library from anywhere in the world, at any time, completely free of charge, from your mobile device.

What a good reader should look like, let's define a few requirements that an e-book reader should have.

  • It is desirable, but not necessary, to be free;
  • Have a nice intuitive interface;
  • The application should be able to open e-books in various popular formats, such as: PDF, FB2, EPUB, DJVU, etc .;

The above are the basic requirements for such applications, it is quite natural that for each user the criteria for selecting programs will be their own. Below you can see the three programs for reading. Choose the most appropriate program from the list and start building your library.

Moon + Reader

Link to the program on Google Play

Android Moon Reader + Reader
Excellent reader (application) of e-books in various popular formats (djvu, pdf, fb2, epub). This reader has a fully customizable interface, as well as a large number of various additional settings that will be useful for particularly demanding users.

The main application window is stylized as a bookshelf, which creates a rather pleasant illusion of a bookcase.. The usefulness of this function remains in doubt, but how pleasant it is to use.

The program is able to search for books in the library by keywords, you can also create “separate bookshelves” ie. group books by genre, by authors or by other signs.

The reading process in the program is implemented as standard: navigation through the pages is carried out by moving your finger across the screen from right to left and from left to right. By all indications - a good reader (application).


Link to the program on Google Play

Android FBReader Reader
This Android application is perfect for reading books, the reader looks very nice, is also very functional. Allows you to open books on your Android device in various formats, such as:

  • DOC - files created by MS WORD;
  • FB2;
  • PDF is a popular book format developed by Adobe;
  • RTF;
  • DJVU.

In the program, you can also group books by various factors and features.


Link to the program on Google Play

Android CoolReader Reader
This program (application) for reading is considered the most omnivorous of all the three programs presented here. The reader opens almost everything, including FB2, DJVU, PDF. The program, by its appearance, resembles the shelves of a bookcase; you can create them and place books on them at your discretion.

The program is very flexible in terms of customization for a specific user. You can fully customize the application for yourself.

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