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Posted by: 25.08.2018

Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral part of the life of any person. They replace us with secretaries, an alarm clock, calendars, computers, calculators, games, and much more. Now more often forget the keys at home than the phone. Indeed, because it stores all the important data - the phone book, passwords, notes, and more. That is why it is important to keep the phone charged on an ongoing basis.

I think every user faced the following problem: bought smartphoneI spent six months or a year with him, everything is fine, no flaws, and then suddenly you begin to notice that it is still only the middle of the working day, and the battery charge is constantly striving to zero. This makes life very difficult, because from now on you have to carry plugs, wires and portable charging batteries everywhere.

In order to avoid such a situation, special programs were developed for Смартфонов, battery saving apps on android . The essence of the work of these programs is to optimize the resources consumed, evenly distribute them among the tasks performed and turn off or even remove unnecessary processes.

In this article we will tell you about the most popular programs and applications for saving battery on android to make it easier for you to choose the application that you like.

Main reasons

For starters, you should find out what really prevents the phone from keeping charge in the way it held it in its first months of use. If you use smartphone, of course, you have repeatedly downloaded and installed various applications for work, games or just everyday needs. The fact is that each application takes, in addition to physical memory, also operational. Physical memory is the weight of the game, which is specified when downloading it. The device’s RAM is consumed to directly play the application on the screen. Smartphone android. Remember one important fact - once you run the program - you can never close it without using special applications or without entering the root folder of folders.

Virtually all applications installed on device systems android work in the so-called background. This allows them to read the current time, your movements and actions. No, they do not monitor you, in most cases, these data remain with you on smartphonewithout passing to a third party. Just such information is necessary for the program to complete the work. Even removing the application from the system device android, in the root directory, most often there are files (they are called cache), which continue to work and store new and old information, even without the main application. This is done so that in case you install the program on android again, it could immediately start working with relevant data.

Naturally, one application can not greatly interfere with the full operation of the phone. However, as practice shows, the user, over the year, can install more than a hundred different kinds of programs and games. Almost every one of them is constantly running in the background. This is the main cause of the above problem. Like every electronic device on android, smartphonespowered by electricity accumulated inside the battery, built into the device. Over time, it begins to lose its original properties, it becomes noticeable due to faster discharge, power failure, slow charge. Many then throw away their device, considering it hopelessly spoiled, and go buy a new one.

However, it is much easier to warn situations in advance. To extend the life of your battery, you should, as much as possible, reduce the load on it and save battery power. To do this, remember a few tips:

  1. Do not keep the screen turned on unnecessarily. Do not leave it that way for the night or simply if you leave for five minutes. This will help lighten the load on your battery.
  2. Clean Task Manager. Clean the task manager regularly, preferably 2-3 once a day and once at bedtime.
  3. Using special applications and programs, clean your device of unnecessary processes and applications.
  4. Do not expose the battery to physical impact.
  5. Do not remove the battery from the included phone. Turn it off first.

Well, in order to optimize the consumption of resources for the execution of really important programs, we recommend that you pay attention to the following applications to save battery life. android:

  1. Amplify Battery Extender
  2. Greenify
  3. Servicely
  4. Battery doctor

Amplify Battery Extender

This application allows you to see all the processes that are currently happening on your device. In addition, the program is wonderful because with its help, you can also see programs that use the autorun function, that is, those that start working outside of your knowledge. And of course, this application allows you to delete and customize all the processes occurring in your device. To work correctly on android, the program may require superuser rights and / or Xposed Framework.


This application performs approximately the same functions as the program. Amplify Battery Extender, described above, but with one significant difference. With this program you can not just delete or terminate the processes on your android device, but also send them to sleep. This is necessary so that if you know that you don’t need this program at the moment, but most likely it will take some time, you can reduce the power consumption of the phone, while leaving the application you need at hand. To work correctly on android, the program may require superuser rights.


This application is good because android Your device will not need to spend time regularly setting it up. This application allows you to customize once a list of applications and their mode, which you do not want to see included, and it will regularly check them for work. If the program sees that the application you have selected is turned on, it will turn it off. In order to manage this process, the program will need to work root-access.

Battery doctor

A universal program to keep your phone in good shape for a long time. It does not require any additional rights to work, it simply adjusts on its own what can regulate and gives you advice on what should be corrected for optimal battery consumption. Simple and convenient program on android to save battery.

In order to select the program you need, determine the reason for the low charge of your androidphone. After that, carefully read the description of each program and become the one that best suits your requirements. But just do not forget about the rules of proper operation and saving battery power, written above, the program will not be able to help you in any way you can help yourself.

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