IOS emulator for Android. Is it possible to?

Posted by: 10.11.2017

Hello everyone, dear readers. Recently I wrote about Apple's mobile operating system emulator - iOS for Windows. Frankly, I did not expect the article to gain such popularity. Well, okay, as they say, I only feel better from this.

Some readers after studying this article are asked, quite naturally, a logical question, how to run iOS on the Android operating system and, in general, is there a similar emulator on the app market in Google Play.

IOS emulator for Android

With this question, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The emulator is kind of like and there is no.

The situation at the moment

The Android operating system is significantly different from the iOS operating system. The difference in programming language and in various functionalities. For this reason, you will not be able to run a full-fledged version of iOS on Android. It will be only a weak imitation, which you are unlikely to enjoy.

It is also possible to install iOS OS firmware on your android gadget, but when choosing this method there is a high probability that your device will turn into a “brick”. Since the iOS firmware requires quite a lot of resources, the gadget needs an appropriate one. I would not risk an expensive Android gadget to get not even iOS, but its weak imitation.

But all of these have a couple of tools that allow you to try out some of the benefits of iOS on your android. Below I will tell you a little about them.


You can run programs on your Android gadget using an emulator (although this is not a fully-fledged emulator), which is called Cider. I repeat that there are no full-fledged emulators, but Cider is, for the time being, the best in the application market on this topic.

According to the official website, this application is developed by six enthusiastic students who decided to build a good iOS emulator for the Android operating system. It seems to me that things are progressing slowly, the project is stuck at the alpha testing stage.

Below you can find an example of how the emulator works. The video was recorded by the developers themselves..


You can find out a little about launchers from this video..

If you do not need the functionality of iOS, and you only need its pretty appearance, then there are not any problems. To give your Android system the appearance of iOS, you can use special launchers, of which, thank God, on Google Play abound.

For example, I, at one time, used a launcher called Fake iPhone 4S. As the name suggests, this launcher turns your Android OS into iOS 6. Of course, now on Google Play there are more modern launchers that can make your system look like iOS 7 or 8. In order to find a suitable launcher for your device, simply go to Google Play and type in the search “Launcher iOS”.

From the list, choose for yourself the right one, everything is simple, just like in forex)).

And finally, if you want to use a full-fledged iOS, then you better buy yourself some kind of Apple device.
That's all for today, do not forget to express your opinion in the comments to this post, you may have found some good emulator. I would also be happy if you share these materials on social networks.

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