Android terminal emulator

Posted by: 02.12.2017

One of the popular applications on Android is the Android terminal emulator. The application has good functionality for management and the ability to make various changes to this OS.

Android is an operating system based on Linux and based on the capabilities of this Open Source system (it has a core and a range of standard commands).

To work with a terminal emulator, you need to know the Linux commands that are written in binary (binary) files. An application launches a text command that corresponds to such files.

The free Android terminal emulator supports text encoding UTF-8 (Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.), allows you to work with several windows, there are no ads and annoying pop-up commercial lines in it.

For comfortable work with the command line, a number of additional utilities are provided.

Using the application, the user can perform the following actions:

  • configure the system;
  • connect the necessary modules;
  • check, compare, copy, view files;
  • diagnose memory cards;
  • manage network devices, etc.

These and other features are now available in the program.

How to work with the program

You can download the Android terminal emulator in PlayMarket. In the same place the instruction on connection of the program in Russian is placed.

If the user sees the error “505” when installing the application, it means that some programs with the same resolution are already loaded on the smartphone or pda. To work correctly with the emulator they will have to be removed.

To perform actions and configure the application, you initially need to get “superuser” rights (English - root). Installing Busy Box allows you to download a set of Unix command line utilities.

After starting the program, you can configure the interface. For example, set the action bar and screen orientation, color preferences and font size, encoding, etc.

With the Android Terminal Emulator open, you can see the text entry line: “[Email protected]: / $».

Basic Commands

The commands in the application are small utilities that are located in the system folder / system / bin, and some of them are located in the / vendor / bin folder.

We note immediately that some commands require root privileges.


  • adb - Android debugger. Third-party mobile devices can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. This command gives access and control to their terminal;
  • am - window manager (starts and stops applications or services);
  • badblocks - checks flash cards for bad sectors. Data can be written to a file or output information on the screen of a smartphone;
  • bmgr - Android backup management;
  • cp - copy a file from one source (1 parameter) to another (2 parameter);
  • date - show the current date in the system (Thu Dec 28 14: 45: 58 EET 2016);
  • dd - create a disk image (flash drive);
  • df - analysis of free disk space;
  • du - view file size;
  • fsck_msdos - check the flash drive for errors (requires root privileges);
  • ifconfig - view and manage network devices (requires root). As an example, you can view data on the Wi-Fi card or disable it;
  • road - routing control;
  • screenshot - screenshot of the screen (requires root).

Above, only a small portion of the basic commands are described. Additional information can be found in the specialized literature.

Programs similar to Android Terminal Emulator

As noted above, Android Terminal Emulator is one of the best in terms of software functionality. But developers offer other similar applications to perform various application tasks on a mobile phone.

  • Emulator Remix OS Player - one of the Android versions x86, but it works only on an Intel processor.

  • Leapdroid - The program supports most Android games and applications.

Also popular are programs for creating emulators (Android Manager Device), Visual Studio (analysis of gyro, compass, GPS, battery charge and other parameters), Genimotion (to speed up the work of graphic files, but does not support the interface in Russian).

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