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Posted by: 08.01.2018

ELM327 - the controller, allowing to make full diagnostics of the car through the onboard computer (ECU). The connection is made via the OBD2 protocol through the universal connector, which is in all modern machines. To display information about the technical condition, you can use all modern tools - a computer, tablet, smartphone, or purchase professional scanners with a display.

The device, in addition to identifying serious problems and system errors, reads fuel consumption, speed, acceleration, temperature, and has a number of other useful functions.

To use elm327 using smartphones or tablets on the android platform, software installation is required. Computer diagnostics in service centers takes place with the help of special programs that read information from the onboard computer. Based on the scan results, the type of service or, if necessary, repair is determined.

The software for elm327 on android is designed to carry out the same diagnostics of car systems, only completely free of charge and at convenient times.

Torque pro

By download ratings the most popular application - torque pro (obd2). It in a few minutes will collect information about the car with detailed data decoding. The popularity of the program due to ease of use and a large number of useful features. In fact, it is a substitute for an onboard computer on a single screen instead of a dashboard.

The main functionality of the Torque pro program:

- reading, erasing, if necessary, engine errors (Check Engine) from the vehicle ECU;

- conducting a full diagnosis;

- reading, depending on the parameters of the machine installed systems and devices;

- display the current various data of the car in real time (speed, temperature, speed);

- preservation of dynamic indicators of the car for further analysis;

- information output in any form convenient for the user: digital values, graphics, dials;

- the use of software icons or the creation of individual;

- setting up various notification methods when the maximum or required sensor values ​​are reached. For example, when the temperature exceeds a predetermined value, the program will signal it with a sound signal;

- saving the route, with further analysis of fuel consumption, speed and other parameters required by the user.

This is not all the features of the Torque Pro program for elm327 on android. The developers are not standing still, the program is constantly updated, the functionality is expanded. Also developed additions to the application, adapted to certain brands of cars in accordance with their technical characteristics.

Programs for elm327 on android

Software manufacturers do not disregard elm327 on android. Useful applications are regularly released to fully replace computer diagnostics. The choice is not easy to make. Each program has its own advantages and features. Most often for elm327 on android choose:


It inferior in some respects to the Torque Pro. The main disadvantage is the lack of a Russian-language interface. But the necessary functions work fine: reliable reflection of sensor indicators, diagnostics, erasing errors;

Opendiag mobile

Softwaredesigned specifically for Russian-made cars. The emphasis is on the control units of the WHA. Indispensable for owners of domestic cars;

ELM327 Identifier

Program works directly with the ELM327 controller. Helps to adapt different versions of the scanner with the car's ECU. A very useful application when the device does not see the software. Using a set of commands determines the version of the adapter for future connectivity. The interface is simple and clear, it will not be difficult for any driver to figure it out;

EOBD Facile Premium

application It works mainly with the brands of foreign cars Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Ford, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Volkswagen, Audi, Citroen, Skoda. Accurately reflects the fault codes of the engine and gearbox with an indication of their value. Creates a file on the memory card with trip data and sensor readings;

OBD Auto Doctor

Relatively new, developing program. But she managed to prove herself from the best side. A short list of application features:

  • reading errors and removing intrusive blinking;
  • Record the parameters of the movement of the car in real time on any flash drives;
  • analysis of fuel consumption over long distances with optimization notifications;
  • standard indicators of speed, pressure, temperature, condition of the fuel system and air.

Depending on the brand, the year of production and the technical capabilities of the car, the amount of data may be significantly more.

All programs are similar in functional properties. The choice of application depends primarily on the car, the purpose of the diagnosis - professional or surface scanning, to determine common errors, the complexity of the installed electronics and additional devices. Among the hundreds of software options, every car enthusiast is sure to select his own, which satisfies his needs to the maximum.

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