How to run Windows on Android?

Posted by: 08.02.2018

Windows emulator (98, XP, 7) for AndroidGreetings to you, dear reader. In today's article, I will tell you how you can run the Windows operating system on your gadget, based on the Android mobile operating system. This can be done with the help of special software, such tools are called - emulators. With the help of these programs we will launch Windows on your gadget (phone or tablet with Android OS).

The practical benefits of this operation can be quite substantial.. In addition to the surprise of friends, which you can cause by running Windows on your device, quite specific tasks can be solved. For example, you need to run a program on your Android gadget that works only under Windows. You can also run some simple Windows games.


So, below you can find a list of emulator programs, as well as short descriptions and instructions for them. I want to immediately warn, because Windows is a fairly resource-intensive system, then your Android gadget should be relatively powerful.


Emulator for Android QEMU
A good emulator that will allow you to run Windows 98 (95) on your device. Below you can find a small instruction manual for working with this software.:

  • Download the QEMU emulator from our website (sdlapp.apk) and install it on your Android device;
  • Download the file with the BIOS firmware, drivers, etc. You can also download this file from our website by direct link ( Unzip the archive to the sdcard root;
  • Next you need to download the Windows operating system image, this emulator only supports Windows 95 and Windows 98. Links - 95 - 98;
  • Next, from the archive downloaded in the previous step, we extract the C.img file and “throw” it into the “SDL” folder in the root of your SDCard;
  • We start the program installed at the first stage. If done correctly, Windows will start.

Running programs in the emulator

A small instruction on how to run programs in QEMU. So, let's begin:

  • We download archive with images (empty). Link from our site - qemu_hdd.rar;
  • Download WinImage (winimage_8.10.8100.rar). With this tool you need to upload your files in a suitable, in size, image;
  • Next, you need to rename the image with the files of your programs to “D.img” and transfer it to the SDL (folder) on your SDCard;
  • In the sdl.conf file you need to add the line: “/ sdl -L. -m 128 -boot c -hda C.img -hdb D.img -usb -usbdevice tablet ”;
  • Start Windows, install the necessary programs from disk “D”.


Emulator for Android BOCHS
Another windows emulator for devices based on the Android operating system. Theoretically, this emulator will allow you to run Windows OS of any version, but, relatively, only two will work stably - 98 and 95. If you want to install XP or 7, then get ready for the fact that they (XP, 7) will not work as you would like. So, we proceed to setting up:

  • Download and install emulator on your android device (bochs2_5_1.apk);
  • Download the firmware (, unpack to the SDL folder in the root on your sdcard;
  • We load the .img image of the necessary OSes (there are links to Win98,95 above, you can find links to winXP and 7 on the Internet);
  • After downloading the image (archive with Win 95, 98, XP, 7), unzip it and rename the file in the archive to c.img, drop it into the SDL folder into the SDCard root;
  • Open the emulator installed in the first step.

Run programs in Bochs

The process of launching programs in this emulator is similar to what I described earlier (to the QEMU emulator), use it.

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    Anton (8.02.2018 19: 40)

    QEMU does not see the D!

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    Playgame (9.02.2018 11: 12)

    Will powerful games like NFS 2015 or GTA 4 go?

    • comment avatar
      Paul (11.02.2018 23: 17)

      What are the system requirements for these games? At least your video chip doesn’t have as much memory on your phone, I’m generally silent about the rest

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      Lole (12.02.2018 13: 08)

      your phone's on fire

      • comment avatar
        Kostya315 (11.02.2018 12: 32)

        I have 8 cores for 2 GB. I can and will play the rules :)

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    Nordlan (10.02.2018 04: 55)

    And you can use and android and Windows at the same time?
    Well, so that you can if you want Windows went, I wanted to android

  • comment avatar
    Igor Kuznetsov (11.02.2018 21: 13)

    How to install?

  • comment avatar
    Daniel (12.02.2018 00: 00)

    My bosch crashes when opened. I did everything right, I installed Windows 7

  • comment avatar
    crazydroid (12.02.2018 02: 41)

    Windows 98 running normally launched in qemo

  • comment avatar
    Ruslan (12.02.2018 16: 47)

    Great, great

    • comment avatar
      Artyom (11.02.2018 21: 25)

      How did you install? Can you please step by step throw off, but it does not work

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