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Posted by: 11.03.2018

File Manager for AndroidGreetings to you, fans of mobile gadgets based on the Android operating system. In today's article, I will tell you what a file manager for Android is, and also provide a list of the five most popular and convenient tools.

File Manager is a program that serves to view and manage files located on your mobile device, in this case Android gadget. Using the file manager, you can: view, move and delete stored in the device memory, files (images, programs, videos, etc.).

Total Commander

Link in Google Play

File Manager for Android - Total Commander
If you are a user of the Windows operating system, then you probably met this file manager. Personally, I still use this tool in my work. With a relatively recent version of a popular program for the Android mobile operating system.

Let's go through some of the features of Total Commander.:

  • Since all the necessary buttons and tools are in the main window of the program, working with this software can be called convenient, although it would be incorrect to call the interface of the tool intuitive. A person who has no business with file managers before that will be rather difficult to understand;
  • The appearance of Total Commander is not impressive. Very rudely made icons of buttons do not cause a desire to click on them, but if you are not an esthete, then this will not be a big problem for you;
  • Total Commander has two tabs for landscape (horizontal) orientation, which makes it very convenient to move files from folder to folder, also if you wish, you can turn on the division into two tabs and in portrait (vertical) orientation;
  • The fact that the application supports cloud services only when installing a special plug-in - WebDAV ()link to download the plugin). After installation, you can work with supported cloud services, including Google Drive and Yandex Disk.

Total Commander program has a very large number of useful and paramount functions, but it will not be very convenient for a complete beginner to use it, at first. Also, the undoubted disadvantages include the appearance of the program, or rather its absence.. But, if you are not a novice and are not too picky about the design, then you can use this undoubtedly noteworthy tool.

ES File Explorer

Link in Google Play

File Manager for Android - ES File Explorer
A good program manager with a pleasant appearance and a lot of useful, and not so, functions. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this software for Android.:

  • This program will be convenient to use as complete beginners, and people who already have an idea and experience with such tools. The main window of the program is represented as a grid of files (you can configure 4 × 4, 5 × 5 or a list). This separation is very convenient when working with files;
  • As I said earlier - the appearance of the ES File Explorer is not bad enough, and is able to satisfy even the most fastidious users;
  • The biggest plus of the program and its forte is working with cloud services. This file manager supports almost all popular cloud services.

Also, I want to note that ES File Explorer is freethat most users of Android gadgets will undoubtedly like.

Solid Explorer

Link in Google Play

File Manager for Android - Solid Explorer
Another file manager. Let's go over a bit of all the advantages of this software. So, let's begin:

  • Appearance - the strength of this program. The program is pleasing to the eye, very pleasant in work;
  • At the bottom of the program there is also a panel through which you can quickly access all the most important functions of the program;
  • Solid Explorer supports the five most popular cloud services: Box, DropBox, Google Drive, SryDrive, SugarSync.

I would like to note that in terms of functionality, this application is no different from the two previous ones, and in appearance it completely surpasses them..

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