Three applications that expand the capabilities of Android and the horizons of users

Posted by: 04.08.2018

Interesting Android ApplicationsGreetings to you, dear lovers of tablet computers and smartphones based on the wonderful, operating system Goolge Android.

In today's article I made a selection of the most interesting and useful, in my opinion, applications for this operating system. Look, download, use.

Here we go ...


Link to the app in Goolge Play

Useful application for Android - Murtastic

Many programs for Android allow you to create unique wallpapers for your desktop. But the Murtastic application has one feature - wallpapers made with the help of this program literally come to life on the screen.

Immediately after installing the application, you can start creating unique images. Among the main functions:

  • The ability to change the text, its color, size and position;
  • Regulation of the background color;
  • Font selection;
  • Adding animated graphics.

Murtastic for Android allows you to create and modify animated wallpapers, which you can then share with other users. The background of the desktop can make almost everything: short animation, successive inscriptions, funny pictures.

At the same time, the relative youth of the program can be considered an advantage and a disadvantage. Some functions and services are just beginning to develop - such as, for example, the possibility of sharing ready-made wallpapers in a special community.
But the direction of development is chosen rather attractive, so you can be sure that Murtastic on Android will find a lot of loyal fans..


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Useful application for Android - Magisto

Do you like to shoot interesting moments of your life on video, but you hate to be engaged in editing videos? Mobile applications are able to take on the unpleasant part of the job. Especially in this sense Magisto is trying - an editor on Android, which will independently assemble a full-fledged mini-movie.

Everything is done in three steps, of which only the most recent will be difficult:

  • Selecting files from which the clip will be glued;
  • Soundtrack selection;
  • Creating a title for your movie.

Applications have not yet learned how to work wonders, even if we are talking about Android. All programs work on a clear algorithm. Magisto analyzes the selected videos, selects the best moments from them and combines them into an excellent film. No magic - just technological thought.

This editor for Android allows you to record new videos directly in the program window. There is also a library of soundtracks, but you can also upload your own songs..

Mobile applications are becoming more independent, but they still cannot do without human participation. No program can not even remove a small movie on their own. Magisto is only an assistant in making a film, but the idea and its embodiment belong to man.

Solar walk free

Link to the app in Goolge Play

Useful Android app - Solar Walk Free

Ray Bradbury somehow complained that humanity has spent too much time inventing smartphones, instead of exploring outer space. The developers of the Solar Walk Free application on Android seem to know about this great sci-fi statement.

The main purpose of the program Solar Walk Free - to cause users interest in the solar system and the cosmos in general. A miniature model of our galaxy allows you to fully appreciate its originality and greatness.

Perhaps one of the modern users of the application Solar Walk Free will fulfill the dream of science fiction, basing the first human settlement on Mars or another planet. All the phenomena that occur in space studied by scientists can be studied with the help of special educational videos. Each planet in the program has the correct description.

The application has a special mode in which you can make a small journey, not only in space but also in time. Set an exact date to see how the Universe looked or will look at this moment.

Whether Mars influenced Earth on your birthday or a huge asteroid flew by - with the Solar Walk Free program for Android, you will be aware of all the cosmic events that have already been or are planned for the future.

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