How to add a phone number to the black list on Android

Posted by: 24.07.2018

The problem of unwanted calls from certain numbers, perhaps, faced by many. They may simply not be on time, or from people with whom you do not want to communicate. Since any smartphone provides the possibility of expanding the functionality, now it is very easy to deal with this problem. Consider the three most common methods of adding any number to the “Black List”. The phone at the same time must be running the Android operating system, if possible the latest version.

1 method. Usage of regular OS functionality

For a start, it is worth checking whether it is possible to add numbers to the category of unwanted in the programs of the phone itself. How to add the number you need to the Black List on your phone? To do this, check out such applications as "Contacts" and "Phonebook". Select one of your contacts, open the context menu. It should find an item that may indicate blocking the acceptance of calls and SMS messages from it. It can be called differently, depending on the software version and the shell provided by the manufacturer. The most common options are "Add a contact to the black list" or "Block calls and messages from this number."

standard blacklist android

If there are no such items, you should not immediately come to the conclusion that the lock function is not implemented by the manufacturer. As an example, it occurs quite often on devices without a proprietary shell - this is the function “Accept voice mail only”. It implies redirection of a call to the subscriber, acting on the same principle as when the phone is completely disconnected. Depending on the operator, this may be an answering machine or a message stating that your number is out of reach.

2 method. Installing additional software

If you use the Google Play store or its counterparts, then most likely you have met various applications that block calls from unwanted numbers. They are quite easy to find, because the developers specifically give them names like “Blacklist” or “Call Blocker”. By installing one of these applications, you can easily solve the problem of how to put the phone on the black list, if such menus are not available in the firmware.

program interface blacklist

Such applications often do not have a significant impact on battery consumption, since they work in the background, almost without consuming resources. Depending on the settings of your operator, the caller, whose number is indicated as unwanted, will either hear short beeps of a busy line, or will receive a notification that you are out of range. It is also possible to configure the automatic destruction of SMS messages without notification from the specified numbers, or their storage in another place, without distracting the user with unnecessary notifications.

3 method. Setting services at the telecom operator

Most operators have the opportunity to order a (often paid) Black List service, to which you can add numbers as needed. It is easiest to manage it through a personal account on the site, or through an authorized application from the operator. Its advantage is the fact that calls do not reach the phone at all, but are cut at the level of internal network redirections. Thus, they can in no way influence the battery consumption of your smartphone. If desired, it is possible to connect informing about the number of blocked calls using SMS messages.

operator blacklist order

If you want to completely refuse to receive any incoming calls, but at the same time plan to use the phone to call yourself, then a simple solution would be to purchase another SIM card, which will always be turned off. You set up to redirect all calls from the main number to it - and for the callers you are always offline. A simple method that requires almost no additional costs.


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