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Posted by: 19.12.2017

How to make a screenshot of the Android screenGood afternoon, dear users and, I hope the happy owners of Android gadget. By “gadget”, I naturally mean your mobile device based on the Android operating system (Android). In today's article, I will tell you how to quickly and easily take a screenshot of the Android screen..

You may have such a situation when you urgently need to take a picture of your screen, create a screenshot. There may be several reasons for this, for example, you need to share a snapshot of your screen with a friend or take a screenshot of the error in order to send it to the person who can eliminate this error. In general, there can be a lot of reasons. You can create a screenshot in several ways, the simplest is a special function built into Android (Android).

So, ways to create:

Built-in function

If you are a happy owner of a gadget on Android 4.0 or higher, then taking a screenshot from the screen of your Android gadget (Android) is not difficult. You, remove the screen. the screen will be very simple. To do this, you need to do the following: press and hold simultaneously (necessarily!) Two buttons on your Android (Android) device - the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button. These buttons are usually located on the side of the Android device.

On Android 3.2, a feature is also available that allows you to quickly create a screenshot. This is done as follows: press and hold the “Recent Programs” button.

Unfortunately, on the Android version below the fourth, a similar operation (which I described above, to take a screen shot) will not work, because In those versions of the operating system, this function is absent.

Using third-party applications

If, for any reason, you do not want or can not use the built-in function to take a screenshot, you can use third-party applications. Below you can find a list of similar applications.:

    • No Root Screenshot it - if your Android device does not have superuser rights (ROOT), then you can create a screenshot using this application. It works as follows: you install a special client on your desktop personal computer, then install its Android version on your device. Making a screen screen, in my opinion, is very convenient;

The program for creating screenshots on android - No Root Screenshot it

  • Screenshot UX - Another good application to make a screenshot. I want to immediately warn you that the application will not work without Root. Also in the application it is possible to set shortcuts for creating screenshots;
  • Screenshot Ultimate - a good, paid (at the time of this writing, the application was worth about 40 rubles on Google Play) an application for creating beautiful screenshots of your mobile screen.

On various devices

If you didn’t find a suitable option for yourself or more than one option offered doesn’t work, you can familiarize yourself with how you can take a screenshot on various Android (Android) devices. All gadgets are sorted by manufacturers:

  • Samsung - if you are the owner of a mobile device of this company, then you can take a screenshot as follows: hold down and hold the “Back” and “Home” key combination;
  • HTC - on the gadgets of this company, the screenshots can be done like this: simultaneously press the “Enable” and “Home” buttons. After performing this uncomplicated operation, the screenshot you have created is saved in the “Photos” folder on your Android (Android) gadget;
  • Sony - to take a picture we do the following: at the same time, press the combination of the “Volume Down” and “Turn On” buttons;
  • Huawei - Are you the owner of the gadget of this company? Then, to take a screenshot, perform the following operation: hold and hold, for about two seconds, the “Volume Down” and “Power On” buttons;
  • ASUS - on tablet computers of this company, you can also make a screenshot. Go to “Applications”, then go to “Settings” -> “Screen” -> tick “Screenshot”. Now, click the “Last Run Application” button and hold it.

That's all for today. I hope you have dealt with your problem (you know how to take a picture of your screen) and I dare to hope - my article, to some extent, contributed to this. I would be grateful if you write your opinion in the comments to this article, as well as share it with social networks by clicking on the special buttons..

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