How to take a screenshot on Android

Posted by: 16.11.2017

Hello everyone, dear readers, today I will tell you how to quickly and easily take a full-screen screenshot (screen shot) on your phone or tablet based on the Android operating system. To take a screenshot, on each version of the operating system can be different. You may need a screenshot in completely different situations, for example, you want to send a friend a screenshot of the error that occurred on your Android device (tablet or phone), etc.

You can take a screenshot (screenshot) on all versions of the Android operating system except the 2,3 version. But, I think, at the moment, there are few devices running on this version of Android..

So, go to the instructions - how to take a snapshot of the full screen (full screen screenshot) on an Android tablet or phone.

Android 3.2

In order to take a screenshot on your device (tablet or phone) running the Android operating system 3.2, you need to press and hold the “Recent Programs” button. Below you can see a screenshot with the image of a button.

Android 3.2 screenshot

Android 4.0

In order to take a screenshot on the gadget under the control of Android 4.0, you need to do the following, hold down and hold two buttons: Lock Screen "and" Volume Down Button ". Below you can see the illustration, which shows the buttons.

Go to the topic of creating screenshots on various mobile devices..

Android 3.2 screenshot

Samsung Galaxy

It’s very easy to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy device, for this you need to simultaneously press two buttons: “Home” and “Back”. Below you can see a screenshot of the necessary buttons.

Samsung Galaxy screenshot

Samsung Galaxy SLL

Next in line is the mobile gadget Samsung Galaxy Sll. On it, as well as on previous versions and devices, making a screenshot is not difficult. In order to take a screenshot (screenshot), you need to simultaneously press the two buttons "Home" and "Lock Screen". The captured screenshot can be found in the Screen capture folder.

Samsung Galaxy Sll screenshot

HTS Desire S

Another Android device in which the creation of screenshots is done in a special way. In order to take a screenshot on the HTS Desire S, you need to simultaneously press two buttons: “Power On” and “Home”. You can find the footage in the folder with photos.

HTS Desire S screenshot

On some devices not listed here, a screenshot can be made using a special additional menu, which can be called if you hold down and hold the power button of your mobile gadget for a long time. This option is suitable for those cases when pressing certain key combinations is simply impossible.

Each model of the Android device has its own features and methods for creating screenshots. I have described above only some of them..

  • For example, almost all HTC devices will take a screen shot when you press the power key and the Home key;
  • Samsung device - when you press a special virtual button;
  • LG - while simultaneously pressing the power and volume keys.

As you can see, each device has different methods.

On some smartphones there are such exotic ways as: holding the edge of your palm across the screen, a screenshot using a special pen, etc..

So, today I have everything, I hope that all the information that was presented in this material helped you to take a screenshot on your device. If you have any difficulties, you can describe your situation in the comments, the site administrator, and maybe another reader of the article will try to answer the question.

In order to ask a question or share your opinion, use the comment form below.

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