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Posted by: 05.07.2018

How to create an application for AndroidGreetings to you, dear fans of the Android operating system (Android). In today's article I will try to highlight the very interesting topic as fully as possible - a selection of tools for creating my own application (online) for gadgets based on the popular Android operating system.

With the development of mobile technologies, the market of mobile applications is also developing, including the market of mobile applications for the Android OS (Android). If earlier an application could only be made by an advanced programmer with thick glasses who had passed five years of study at the university, now this opportunity is available to anyone who is absolutely unfamiliar with programming languages, and also without turning off the Internet, i.e. online.

In the collection you will find four tools that allow you to make the application - quickly and easily. All the proposed tools are similar to designers, you have to assemble your first application from various pre-made components, you can create an application in the same way as you build a Lego.

All instruments were selected by the following criteria.:

  • Ease of use. Since such a tool will be used mainly by people not familiar with programming and complex elements, the main focus, in this small selection, was placed on the convenience and ease of use of the proposed tools;
  • Intuitive interface. This clause and condition is logically derived from the previous one. In addition to the fact that the interface of the Android OS application creation tool (Android) should be simple, it must also be intuitive;
  • Capabilities. The more different things “can” do the tool, the better. In fact, all submitted applications have the same set of tools, with minor differences and changes.

So, we write, we start to make an application (the whole application can be created online), below you can familiarize yourself with a selection of software products and choose the most convenient and functional tool.


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Android Application Creation Tool - TheAppBuilder
A good tool for creating applications. Undoubtedly, I am pleased with the fact that you can use this tool absolutely free. The downside is that this software product does not support the Russian language, but if you studied English at school, at least a little, then problems with the use of TheAppBuilder should not arise. Of all the features of this software, I would like to note the following:

  • Large selection of templates for creating your Android (Android) applications. If you want to make a simple program, then from the proposed options for templates you can easily choose the right one;
  • The ability to view detailed statistics on the application you created;
  • Simple and clear publication, created by you, an application in Google Play.


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Android Application Creation Tool - AppsGeyser
Another good tool to create an application for your Android. Of all such tools AppsGeyser allows you to make the application in just two seconds. The easiest editor that I met. So a few useful tool features.:

  • A very simple process of creating applications, you can write an application very quickly;
  • The ability to write games for the Android operating system (Android). Agree, not every editor allows you to do this;
  • Simple publication of the application;
  • The ability to monetize your application directly from AppsGeyser. A good function, now you can not only create your application, thanks to your imagination, but also easily and effortlessly monetize it;
  • The ability to create, edit and publish your application online.


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Android Application Creation Tool - IbuildApp
Another good quality tool that deserves close attention. As I said above, to create application (Android (Android)) you do not need to be able to program under Android (Android), in this program everything is so simple that you can create an application for your project in a few minutes simply by assembling it from the parts of the “designer”. Below, you can familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the proposed tool.:

  • A large archive of templates on various subjects: restaurants, pizzerias, photo studios, holidays, sports, radio, trucking, and many, many other templates. You only need to select the appropriate one and start editing it to fit your needs;
  • Built-in tools to promote your new application. Sometimes, in order to promote and unleash your new application you need to spend a lot of time and effort, built-in promotion tools in the designer will be able to facilitate your task;
  • The ability to connect your program to the advertising network, so you can make money on the applications you have created.


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Android Application Builder - AppsMakerstore
Very simple tool for creating programs for your operating system Android (Android). The main advantage of this application is that at one time you can create an application for six different mobile operating systems. Also of the advantages of this tool are the following:

  • Ability to work with the designer online;
  • It is possible to register a free account;
  • A large archive of templates for your Android (Android) application, you can write the necessary application in two mouse clicks.

That's all for today. I hope that you have selected a suitable tool for yourself and know how to make your first application.. We also write our opinion in the comments to this material.

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