How to quickly install applications on Android

Posted by: 22.03.2018

How to install games and applications on AndroidGreetings to you, dear user of Android devices. Today I will cover a very interesting topic, namely, I will tell you about how to install the application on Android.. It would seem, well, what could be difficult, installing programs, applications and games on a mobile gadget (smartphone or tablet computer) is a very simple and straightforward, even for a beginner, process. In fact, this is not entirely true; many novice users do not know how to install applications on their gadget, just for them, our today's material.

There are two options to install games and programs (programs) on a gadget based on the Android operating system, these are the options:

  • Installing .apk files on your device. Suppose you downloaded any game or program for your gadget, all programs and games on Android are packed in .apk format. It’s just not possible to install such a file on your device; here you need to perform special manipulations, you will learn about them below;
  • Installing software from Goolge Play mobile store. It's all much easier to install programs in this way - very simple, detailed instructions for this method, also located below.

Install APK files

So, you downloaded the Android program in the .apk format, the installation process on your mobile device is as follows:

Using file managers

Transfer the downloaded .apk application or games to the memory card of your gadget. Next, you need to run it using any file managerthat supports the installation of applications (programs). If you do not have such applications (programs), you can download them here - Attention: in order to install (install) this application, you need to follow the link suggested above from your Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet computer).

Through the browser

If the method of installing a game or program (s) described above does not suit you, you can install the downloaded .apk application using the browser (browser) built into your operating system. This is done very simply: go to the browser of your gadget, then the address bar of the browser (browser), type the following text file: ///sdcard/ FileName.apk. Where “FileName” is the name of the .apk file you downloaded.

Through a special installer

Also, what is the easiest way to install games and programs (programs), you can use the installation through special installers, you can download it here - Attention: you need to follow the suggested link directly from your Android device (smartphone or tablet computer). The installation will be done automatically through the Goolge Play Store. After launching the installer, it will automatically find all .apk files on your memory card and will offer to install them, as you see - everything is very simple.

Using a personal computer

Also, you can install .apk games and programs (programs) through your personal computer. This is done using a special installer, which is called - InstallAPK, link to the program - To install a program or play a gadget running the Android operating system via a PC, you need to: connect a smartphone or tablet computer to a personal computer via a USB cable. Next, run the InstallAPK program, find and launch the .apk program, then follow the instructions on the screen.

Through the installation terminal

If you have an installation terminal on your device, then to install (install) applications, run it and type the following line in the command line / Path to File. Filename.apk. Accordingly, instead of the “Path File” and “File Name”, list your data.

Install from Goolge Play

This is the easiest and most understandable way for everyone to install (install) Android software. To install applications, you need to do the following steps.:

  • Create a Goolge Account. If you do not have a single Goolge account yet, in order to install applications to your gadget from Goolge Play without problems, you first need to create a Goolge account. This is done very simply: go to the Goolge website and click the button, in the upper right corner, “Create an account”;
  • Go to Google Play. Find the application or games you need there, click on it and click the install button, after clicking the install button, the application will be automatically installed.

Today, this is all, I hope you were able to install everything you need. If you have any interesting thoughts and additions to the material presented above, you can feel free to share them in the comments to this post, which are below.

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