How to restore lost data in Android devices

Posted by: 03.09.2018

Have they accidentally deleted all data from a smartphone on Android? And there were your favorite photos, a selection of tracks and an unfinished book. Now you never know where the pirates buried the treasure! Or is not all lost from memory?

Most often, all information can be returned using one of the following methods.. And after we return everything, for the future do not forget to “stock up” with a reliable backup program so that the next time the data recovery does not take so long. Go!

Turn on developer mode and USB debugging

Recovering data lost from the memory of a mobile device occurs when it is turned on on the Android side (Android) developer mode. To activate it you need:

  • Go to "Settings".
  • At the bottom of the data section, we find the “About device” tab and go to it.
  • Select the item "Build Version".
  • We knock on it 7 times. At the same time, the number of touches left to activate (after 4 times) is displayed side by side.
  • After that, the operating system will display a message stating that you have become a developer.
  • Now in the settings of your device, a new item “For Developers” will appear.

To continue data recovery, enable USB debugging mode. This can be done in the new Android settings section.

Android Developer Mode

Features of returning lost information to Android

Regarding the location of the lost information, all recovery methods can be divided into two main categories.:

  • Recovery of information deleted from the expansion card (flash drives).
  • Return data erased from the internal memory of the device on Android.

Increasingly, models of devices based on this operating system are being produced by manufacturers without expansion slots for SD cards. This can be an additional obstacle to the achievement of the main goal - the return of information lost from the phone.

All the "salt" of the problem lies in the fact that access to the internal memory of the device on Android is carried out using the MTP protocol. Because of what the device connected to the personal computer is not recognized by its system as a regular USB drive. Therefore, you need to make a copy of the entire operating system of the mobile device on the PC hard disk as an image.

Although it is better to use special software with which you can carry out the recovery of such data. Which will greatly facilitate the implementation of this task..

When returning information lost from the phone's flash drive, the whole process is much easier. The expansion card connects to the computer through a card reader and the PC system sees it as a removable disk.

Restore information using 7-Data Android Recovery

7-Data Android Recovery

Initially, the program for returning data from Android was completely free, but now it requires "money" for its work. But on the Internet you can easily find an early version of this application. Recovery information step by step:

  • Download the program on your PC and install it.
  • Run it.
  • Activate the “USB debugging” mode in the phone settings.
  • We connect the mobile device on Android to the PC.

After that, the main application window will appear on the computer screen. Now the whole process of returning information lost from the internal memory of a mobile device will happen on the pc:

  • Select the desired source for recovery.
  • Scan the selected disk for deleted, lost or formatted data.
  • Then, 7-Data Android Recovery will display the items that can be recovered.

7-Data Android Recovery

An important feature of this program is that it displays all the elements in the form of a file system structure. Thanks to this you can see the contents of the lost folders. And also view deleted images from the memory, listen to music and open text documents.

  • Select items to return.
  • Specify a place to save them (but not a recoverable disk).
  • We get the result.

The step-by-step instruction described here is quite suitable for all other similar software products, with the help of which the deleted elements are restored from the device’s memory.

In the same way, you can restore information on the expansion card and internal memory using the following applications:

  • HandyRecovery.
  • R-studio.
  • Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.
  • Hetman Partition Recovery.
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