How to find the path to saved contacts in Android OS

Posted by: 28.02.2018

Contacts are the most sensitive to leakage from your gadget. Therefore, it is important not only to protect your device from fraudsters and viruses, but also to know where and how data is located on Android.

It is possible to use a folder with contacts only in two cases. In one of them, you can resort to exporting contacts if your Android phone is broken. This is feasible if the memory of the broken device is still functioning.

The second case is suitable for an audience that does not trust Google servers and did not synchronize contacts with them. To save contacts to a second smartphone or any other device, you will need to use an SSH server and know the path to the file with the necessary information in the Android OS.

How to find the contacts folder

Finding the folder where important data is stored will be easy. You need to look for a file called contacts.db. If you suddenly do not find one, then you need to look for the second option contacts2.db. In order to find the necessary file with contacts, you must specify the following path: /data/data/com.Android.providers.contacts/databases/.

So you find the desired folder with all your contacts. They are kept and updated constantly, as soon as certain changes with the data occur.

But you can open it or copy it only in that situation, if you have root rights. You can check the availability of root rights on your Android device using special and simple applications that are freely available on Google services.

If you do not have these rights, you need to add them. How to add Root rights you can see here -

After successful installation and verification of rights, you can copy the “contacts” folder to a computer or other device. Transferring a folder is easy with the appropriate cable or wirelessly. After sending or copying do not forget that the files are stored in the public domain.

With a stable gadget, you can save this information to a memory card using the standard contacts application. When copying, you yourself can specify the path to the saved file.

In this case, you will know where you are. copied contacts. In addition to data transfer, you can import the contacts you need using the same application. So you save a lot of your time and you will have the same book with all your contacts.

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