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Posted by: 05.12.2017

Greetings to you, dear users of mobile gadgets (smartphones and tablet computers) based on a wonderful operating system called Android. Today, we'll talk about the launcher. I tried to make a selection of the most beautiful, interesting and unusual launchers for the Android OS. I hope you enjoy my selection and you choose the best tool for yourself.

Launcher for Android

But, for starters, let's say the words of those people who are familiar with the concept of a launcher, do not know what it is and, in fact, why a launcher is needed.

Launcher - an application installed on your Android device and changing its appearance, for example, you want to stylize your Android device under the iOS operating system or under the Windows operating system, at the moment there are launchers that can stylize your system under Windows 8, with its beautiful bricks and etc. Also, launchers can add various useful add-ons to your system, for example: additional widgets, etc.

I selected all the launchers according to the following principles, you may not agree with my choice - this is completely normal, I will be glad if you share your opinion on this in the comments to this, a small, note:

  • Job stability. It is quite logical to assume that the main criterion for selecting a good Android launcher was the stability of its work. Well, who wants to tinker with the tool, if it constantly slows down and buggy, be it at least two hundred times beautiful and useful;
  • Beautiful appearance. The launcher must completely transform the Android operating system (for example, into the Windows operating system). There should not be any bulging corners, irregularities, in general, everything should be nice and neat. I think that all the readers without exception will agree with this point;
  • Availability of the free version. This item is not mandatory, but for lovers of freebies, it is simply vital. Well, people do not like to pay for programs with us, they like everything free. As for me, it's better to pay a penny (often the price does not exceed 50 rubles, even less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes) and use a normal application than download a free one and suffer from constantly departing advertisements.

So, enough of the lyrics, let's move on directly to the TOP 3 compilation. Links to all the launchers from the presented collection, you can download the links provided below from the Google Play store. In order to download the necessary launchers to your Android device, you need to follow the suggested links from the device to which you want to install the launcher.

Metro 8.1 Launcher


Launcher for Android - Metro 8 Launcher

Windows 8.1 Launcher - an indispensable option for those Android userswho want to stylize their mobile gadget (smartphone or tablet computer) under the Windows operating system (to be exact, under Windows 8). I also want to note the fact that the application does not work correctly on some phone models. But, these are just a few cases, so that everything will work fine on your device, at least everything is “OK”.

In order to download the Windows 8 Launcher launcher, click on the link above.

Cool launcher


Launcher for Android - Cool Launcher

Launcher styling your iOS mobile operating system. If you want to try the famous iOS 7 interface on your Android device, then this launcher will be just the way for you. According to user reviews in Goolge Play, this launcher, unlike the Windows 8 Launcher launcher, works stably on all Android gadgets.

The link, as well as in the previous version, is located above in the text.

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite


Android Launcher - Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

So we got to the 3D launchers. I just could not include this launcher in the selection. This application turns your desktop into a real, dynamic 3D action. I want to note the fact that even on relatively weak devices, this launcher works without brakes.

The link to the application is located above, go and download.

Today, this is all, I hope you liked the launchers that I picked up for you. And you choose the best.

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