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Posted by: 14.11.2017

The best drawing app for AndroidHello everyone, dear gadget lovers on Android. In today's article, we will touch upon the subject of creativity, namely, we will make a selection of programs (we will try to determine which one is the best) for drawing (simply drawing) on ​​a device based on the Google Android operating system.

With the development of mobile technologies, and they are developing very quickly, one can say with lightning speed, that which previously seemed simply impossible to become available. Seven to eight years ago, it was possible to imagine that you can fully draw on a mobile phone, and sometimes it is much more convenient than drawing on a regular, desktop personal computer.

As I said above - in this article I made a selection of programs for drawing, and drawing - full, on mobile gadgets (tablet computers and smartphones) Android. The selection of applications was done according to the following principles.:

  • Ease of use. It seems to me that this is one of the most important and important points. The more convenient it is to use a drawing program (drawing tool), the more pleasant it is to work with it, the better, in my opinion, are the drawings;
  • Functionality. The more drawing tools the program provides us, the better and easier for us to make wonderful drawings on our Android devices;

For all the programs below, you can find a small description, as well as links for downloading the application from the Google Play mobile store for Android. Links are given to the free versions of the submitted applications, if you wish, you can find their paid (if any) versions.

Sketcher FREE


Drawing for Android - Sketcher FREE
Of all the drawing program that I met, this drawing tool, as it seems to me, is the most simple and functional. But, as they say: "The taste and color ...". Below you can find some characteristics of the presented application.:

  • In the program, you can use twelve types of brushes;
  • You can adjust the color of the brushes, as well as their transparency;
  • The use of substrates, backgrounds for your drawings;
  • The ability to set the size of the canvas, which is convenient for you.

This, of course, is not all the features of this application, you want to try them all, then download the application.



Drawing for Android - Bord
Another drawing tool. I just want to please fans of freebies - the program is free, you can use it completely free without spending your hard-earned money. The main difference between this application and all the applications in this list is that in Bord, an image of a school board, or any other similar board, is used as a background for drawing.

As for the functionality of this application, it, of course, loses to the previous application. The program is available only a few colors, sets of crayons and background images..

Although this painter is not distinguished by great functionality, but I want to say that for children it is very pleasant. Children do not need much functionality.

Live Graffiti


Drawing for Android - Live Graffiti
Good drawing app. The program allows you to "remember" the process of your drawing. Those. after creating the picture you can see how you drew it, or send it to a friend. Among the interesting features of the program I would like to note the following:

  • Adjust the intensity of brushes for drawing;
  • Sending the finished work in various social networks;
  • Send a picture by SMS and E-mail from your Android gadget.
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