Mobile agents for devices based on Android

Posted by: 26.02.2018

Mobile agent based on Android makes it easy to communicate with friends and keep in touch with them. These applications help you quickly share information in social networks and use mail, send free sms and make audio and video calls. These applications support avatars, emoticons, sending pictures and video files.

The following agents exist for Android devices:

  • Yahoo Messenger (you can download by link);
  • mobile agent (you can download it by link);
  • Hangouts (you can download by link);
  • Whatsapp messenger (you can download by link);
  • Viber (download can be on link);
  • Skype and others (you can download by link).

Start using

The use of agents begins with the download. You can download and install these applications from the Google Play Store. Next, the mobile agent requires authorization. At the same time, such accounts as, gmail, yahoo ICQ, classmates, VKontakte, or use your phone number are available.


And some of the applications are authorized only if you have a mobile phone number (WhatsApp, Viber) and work only on cell phones (WhatsApp).


After authorization is complete, all contact information is displayed in a list in alphabetical order. If there are any contacts in the Android mobile device, the applications themselves automatically synchronize them with the contacts available in the agents. Those users who are online, are displayed with additional icons. Each mobile agent has the ability to set a special status..

Functional and appearance

In some agents based on Android, you can receive e-mails, reply to them or create new ones, chat in social networks and make various calls, while in others you can only send free messages and make calls.

And there are constantly various updates that improve not only the appearance, but also add new features.. As an example, WhatsApp can be called, in which relatively recently (in the spring of 2015 of the year) the function of audio calls appeared.

Start communication


To start communication in all agents on Android devices, just touch the contact name in the list by sending one of the types of messages: text, voice or video call. For simplicity of the text-chatting mode, there is a button for adding smiles and attaching photos, videos, without leaving the application, in the main dialog box.


Receiving an incoming call as well as a message (audio, video or voice), even if the user is not active, does not remain unnoticed; A dialog box or a special icon will appear on the display of the device.

Notifications are easily configured: they can be easily disabled in the settings, change the sound. If there is no desire to receive any messages from certain contacts, the agent has the ability to block or add the contact to the blacklist.


And in conclusion, we should mention the most common Android-based agents in Russia: WhatsApp and mobile agent, unlike others, allows you to use mail, social networks, send audio and video messages, all in one agent! Another equally popular is WhatsApp Messenger, which can send both regular and voice messages, attach pictures and videos, create groups with specific groups of people and make calls..

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