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Posted by: 23.10.2017

Android music playerI greet you, the owner and user of mobile devices - tablet computers and mobile phones - based on the Android operating system. In today's article we will talk about music, I will try to choose for you a good music player that will meet all your requirements, as well as satisfy all your undoubtedly high demands.

Android gadgets - smartphones and tablet computers - are great for listening to music. Recently, in the market of mobile devices there are such instances that allow you to store thousands of music files on your device, create entire music libraries. I think I’m impressed with the opportunity to store a whole music library on my mobile phone.

I selected all the programs participating in the compilation according to the following three principles.:

  • Functionality. A good Android music player should be able to not only play music files, but, oddly enough, be able to work with these files. For example: catalog, sort by artist, create playlists, have built-in effects, listening modes and other undoubtedly useful features;
  • Ease of use. The player should be easy to use. For example: to be able to control with headphones. A good player should: neither take up much space, nor load the processor, or cause the phone to hang;
  • Have a nice design.. Agree that every Android user wants to use not only a beautiful, but also a functional application. No matter what anyone says, whoever writes, but the appearance and thoughtful design of the application is one of the key moments of the popularity of a mobile software tool.

So, we finish the description of good players and go to the tools themselves. Links to the entire application in the mobile store Goolge Play you can find in the description of each tool. In order to download the player you like, simply follow the suggested links from that device - a tablet computer or a smartphone - to which you plan to install the selected player.

Rocket player

Link to the application

Music Player for Android - Rocket Player

A great music player, plus it’s also free. According to the developers, when creating this Android player, they tried to make it as easy to use as possible and at the same time as functional as possible. How much they managed to decide, of course, you - the consumers. Of all the features of the player I want to note the following:

  • Cataloging music files. Built-in tools for sorting music: by author, album, song. Also in the program implemented the ability to create playlists;
  • Built-in timer to automatically turn off the player. A useful feature, for example, when you fall asleep to the music and want it not to play all night, and at a given moment turned off;
  • The ability to add widgets to the device's workspace with the help of which you can control the process of playing music files on your device.

Download the proposed player you can link above this text..

Music player

Link to the application

Music Player for Android - Music Player

Another good Android player that allows you to comfortably listen to music on your mobile device. I will note the following features of this undoubtedly excellent program.:

  • Built-in, in the program, an equalizer;
  • The application implemented a search for music files that will allow you to quickly find the desired song for the given keywords;
  • Support for a wide variety of music file formats.

The link to the application is above.


Link to the application

Music Player for Android - Poweramp

Enough powerful music player with good capabilities. Of the features possessed by this Android player, I will note three that, in my opinion, are most useful to the ordinary user.:

  • Creating, editing and managing playlists, the ability to catalog music;
  • The ability to use widgets for easy player management;
  • Play music in all popular formats.

Today, this is all, I hope you have selected the best tool for your Android gadget. If you have any comments about this material, compilation, or you want to share links to a good player, you can use the commenting form located below.

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