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Posted by: 14.07.2018

Navigator for AndroidGreetings to you, happy owners of Android devices - tablet computers or mobile phones (Android). In today's note we will talk with you about the programs for navigation (GPS). There are a lot of similar applications for the Android operating system, there are both paid solutions and free ones..

Naturally, paid applications have much more advanced functionality than free analogues of these Android applications for navigation. But, if you do not want to spend money on such applications, then I think you will have enough basic functionality in free versions of navigators (GPS).

All programs below were selected according to the following principle.:

  • Card update frequency. In my opinion, this is the most important condition when choosing a good Android navigator. If the maps in the application are not updated or are extremely rarely updated, then using such an application for traveling, you risk to drop in or go to the wrong place. Therefore, the first thing I paid attention to is the frequency of updates. By the way, paid navigators have it all in order, which is hard to say about free navigators;
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface. Also one of the main criteria for selecting a good navigator was an intuitive interface. It is always more convenient and more convenient to use a simple and at the same time functional navigator, than a tool with a bunch of incomprehensible buttons and with a huge number of obscure and sometimes completely unnecessary functions;
  • Nice appearance, thoughtful design. Of course, the appearance of the navigator is not of paramount importance, but rather a pleasant addition to the overall picture. But, all the same, when compiling the list below, I took into account the design of the application, you can consider it as meeting aesthetic needs.

So, enough of the lyrics, let's get to the point, namely, to review the tools to select the best navigator.

Navitel Navigator


Navigator for Android - Navitel Navigator
In my opinion, the program “Navitel Navigator” is one of the best and most convenient Android navigators. At the time of this writing, the latest version of the Navigator (Navitel) was released on the seventeenth of July two thousand and fourteenth year, from the link above you can always find the latest version of Navitel Navigator. I must say that Navitel Navigator is a paid tool (program), but there is also a trial free version. In general, I believe that if you need a good navigator, then it makes no sense to use the free option - there are only more problems with it.

Now, let's go through the main advantages and opportunities of Navitel Navigator:

  • Maps Navitel loads into the memory of your mobile phone or tablet computer, this, in turn, allows you to use Navitel without an Internet connection;
  • You only pay for the cards you need, not all at once. Agree very conveniently, you can also buy a card for a while, for example, for any trip;
  • As I said above, you have the opportunity to use Navitel for free for thirty days from the moment of downloading. This time is more than enough to familiarize yourself with the tool and evaluate all its capabilities, advantages and disadvantages;
  • On Navitel Navigator maps all significant objects are displayed, such as: gas stations, food outlets, ATMs, places of rest, etc.

MapFactor: GPS Navigation


MapFactor: GPS Navigation
A good GPS navigator, with a simple and intuitive interface. Even a complete beginner can understand it. Of course, for Russian realities, it fits much less than the previous tool (program), but as a good alternative to Navitel the Navigator will fit perfectly. Of all the features of this software tool, I would like to note the following:

  • 2D and 3D viewing mode. I want to warn you right away - in the three-dimensional display mode of the GPS maps of the navigator, the battery of your Android gadgets will sit down much faster, so be careful;
  • Displays on the map zip codes. This is a really useful function for some;
  • Possibility to block the route chosen by GPS navigator. This avoids unwanted routes that you do not want to follow;
  • The ability to add your own routes, for example, you can add your favorite route to work.

The link to this Android tool is under the heading above.

Sygic GPS Navigator


Sygic GPS Navigator
They say that this is the most downloaded (about thirty million downloads) and the most popular GPS navigator for the Android operating system (Android). It is difficult to say how this rumor is true. But, in any case, this navigator (GPS) deserves our attention. There is a paid version of the GPS navigator, and free. In the free, which was to be expected, there are fewer features compared to the paid version.

So, the program provides us with the following features.:

  • Does not require an internet connection, because Works only with GPS. Plus it or a minus - depends on your device, all the same it is GPS;
  • The program offers three alternative routes to the point you specified, you just have to choose the one that suits you and enjoy the ride;
  • If desired, the navigator can exclude those routes that pass along a toll road. It seems to me - a very interesting and useful function.

Today, this is all, so this was a collection of interesting and most importantly - good Android navigators.

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