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Posted by: 15.03.2018

Using the device on the Android platform, you constantly come across the work in the Play Market utility. For the average user, this is the main source of utilities and programs on a smartphone or tablet. But sometimes in the program itself fails. How to prevent errors Play Market and solve existing? These questions will be sorted out by paragraphs in this article.

To avoid most of the problems, it is necessary to periodically clean the cache of programs, this can be done using a special utility, or you can independently clean the cache for the Google service. This will allow the system not to operate with unnecessary data that may lead to incorrect operation of programs.

Common Play Market (Google Play) Errors and How to Eliminate Them

The most common bugs are caused by a failure in the Internet connection. So the first thing is to just reboot the device and try again.

If you did not manage to get rid of the failure, then clear the cache of the Play Market utility. Plus, it is desirable to clear the cache of the Google Framework program.

It also helps to delete your Google account, then reboot and re-create the account.

The above steps allow you to solve most of the problems and fix up to 80% of the bugs that arise when working with the Play Market. Including such common mistakes as:

  • 0 number;
  • 504 number;
  • 413 number and many others.

Detailed descriptions to correct some errors

If these actions could not solve the problem, then consider the situation in more detail. For detailed study, you need to record the number / name of the warning, which was highlighted on the screen.

Consider in detail the most famous bugs and solutions. In each phone and Android version, the menu names may differ slightly, but have patience and, most importantly, look for the final search point when searching. It is usually unchanged on all versions of Android.

Df-bpa-09 error

It occurs at the processing stage of the purchase when paying or loading the program.

The way to correct this error of the Play Market will require a series of simple actions to be performed in succession:

  • enter the “Settings” menu;
  • find the "Applications" submenu and enter the "Application Manager";
  • open “All applications” or find the item “Installed applications”;
  • in this list, look for the “Google Play Framework” and erase temporary data;
  • reboot the device and re-download.

If the bug remains, then try to download the required program using a computer and the website of the Play Market service.

Error 963

It appears as a result of installing or updating applications. This is mainly due to incorrect operation of the system with an external memory card. The most frequent users of HTC devices face it.

There are several ways to solve this problem. Consider each of them as the complexity:

  1. Clear the cache of the built-in download manager and the Play Market cache. These programs are in the installed section.
  2. Erase all program updates that may affect the appearance of the Play Market error, and then clear the program cache.
  3. Turn off the smartphone, remove the SD card and after switching on, perform the application installation operation again. You can also disable the memory card through the settings menu and the memory section. If the application is installed and working, you can insert the memory card back and turn it on.
  4. If the bug occurred during the update of the application, then try transferring it from the memory card to the internal memory of the device. And then make an update. After completing the update, you can move it back to the memory card.

Error 921

Occurs when installing a game or removing it. Associated with incorrect account authorization. Therefore, the correction in this case is typical - clearing the Market cache. If the bug remains, then you need to delete the Google account, followed by a reboot and a new registration of this account.

It may also appear together with the warning “Package file is damaged.” This may be due to incorrect network operation. Therefore, try to perform the installation via cellular data, and not through Wi-Fi. In addition, try clearing the application cache. It may also be the cause of the problem.

Errors with Google accounts in the Play Market

Sometimes you have to deal with the problem of connecting to your account. Although it is created, the connection is there and everything worked before. To solve this problem, you need to perform several operations:

  1. Delete updates and clear the cache from the following utilities from Google:
    • Play Store;
    • Framework;
    • Play Market services.
  2. In the account settings uncheck all the checkboxes responsible for data synchronization.
  3. Reboot the device.
  4. Again enable synchronization.
  5. Reboot.

This should help. Since we have removed all new data that could somehow affect the synchronization, causing this problem.

Play Market errors may also occur due to disabling the download manager. It is better not to turn it off, as it is responsible for the comprehensive control of accounts and checking for updates and synchronization.

In order to see if it is enabled, go to the "Application Manager" and find the "Download Manager". If it is disabled, then look for disabled ones. Turn it on and restart the device. Then try connecting to your account again.

Error 24

The reason is possible in the wrong organization of downloading services or unsuccessful unpacking. To solve this problem, you must have superuser rights, which is not always easy, and separate articles are devoted to this. If you have these rights, then Root Exporer is needed to help you delete the required application folder. The folder must be in the Dare / date location. After uninstalling, reboot and try installing it again.

As you can see, solutions that allow correcting errors of the Play Market do not require large knowledge and skills. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions and if you have any questions, do not try to do something on the "chance", but read the decision again.

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