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Posted by: 18.02.2018

Useful Android appsGood day, dear lover and, I hope, a happy user of a mobile gadget (smartphone or tablet computer) based on the Android operating system (Andorid). Today there will be a very useful article, because in it we will consider useful applications (programs) in every sense of the word.

In compiling this top, I did not want to take any separate niche of programs, tried to make a list that included programs of the widest profile possible.The best, of course, the main criterion for selecting Android (Android) programs in the list below was the utility of the program for the consumer, the end user.

But I want to note that the programs were selected not only by this criterion, but also by some others; I publish a small list of criteria below.:

  • Beautiful design, appearance of the program. Of course, someone can say that the design of the Android (Android) application (program) does not play a big role, because the most functional and useful products almost always have a bad, one might even say poor design. Let me disagree - the design of the application plays a very large role, because it is always more pleasant and more convenient to work with a beautiful product, rather than with a product whose appearance was developed on the knee. Therefore, along with the usefulness of the Android (Android) application, to compile a list, I also took into account the appearance of the application in question;
  • Intuitive interface. Along with the utility of the application and its appearance, I also considered the simplicity of its use. It is always pleasant to deal with simple, but functional Android (Android) applications, with a thoughtful interface, and with detailed control. I think you will agree with me, ease of use is one of the most important indicators of a good program. Whether the program is at least a hundred times useful, if it is impossible or very difficult to use, such a tool is hardly needed by anyone, well, except for real fanatics;
  • Availability of the free version of the application. I thought for a long time whether I should select Android (Android) programs for this feature. All the same, I decided that it was worth it. The fact is that most users of Android (Android) devices prefer free versions of various applications. This is understandable and quite natural - who wants to pay money for a mobile program, only a few, I will quote a well-known personality: “Not everyone will want to pay for the program. Rather, not only everything, few people want. "

So, I think, stop making lyrics, it's time to start the TOP selection. For each program described in the compilation, you can find a link to download it in the mobile store Google Play.

Memoires: personal diary

Link to the program

Useful program for Android - Memoires: personal diary

Android (Android) program for those who like to keep a personal diary. I have included this application in the compilation for several reasons: firstly, I myself like to keep a diary, save various moments of life in photos, notes, etc. I think many people like this activity; secondly, the program is really excellent and this, coupled with the fact that it is also free. Of all the features of the program, I would like to note the following:

  • Opportunity to put access to the diary “under the password”, so that various undesirable persons could not just get access to it. Agree with the paper version of the diary is not possible;
  • The diary can be presented in the form of a photo album, informational tape, and also in the form of a map;
  • The ability to export content from the diary to services such as: Google Docs and Google Picasa.

The download link for this Android (Android) application can be found above..

VC Audio Synh

Useful program for Android - VK Audio Sinh

Music, well, where are we without it. This collection also, did not leave this topic. I present to your attention an excellent program for synchronizing music files between your account in the social network VK and your Android (Android) gadget. The program has a nice appearance, excellent functionality and, importantly, it costs only about 50 rubles. But, for this fifty dollars you get a great tool. Of all the features of the application, I would like to note the following:

  • Very fast synchronization of your VK music files with your Android (Android) gadget. Synchronization takes place literally in one touch, no unnecessary actions are needed, everything is simple and clear. Also, there is the possibility of automatic synchronization, i.e. synchronization without your direct participation;
  • Since the program is paid, there is no annoying and omnipresent advertising in it, it seems to me that active users of free Android applications (Android) understand what I mean. It is better to spend a small amount of money once and be completely free of advertising than download the free version of the application and constantly suffer from viewing advertising. What do you think?
  • The ability to fully manage your music tracks, namely: delete, add, change your tracks, also mark those tracks that do not need to be synchronized. It is possible to view various information about music files: duration, bitrate, file size in megabytes, word composition, etc.

The link to download this Android program is slightly higher in the text.. Download, enjoy, use.

Photo Editor

Link to the program

Useful program for Android - Photo Editor

Most likely, on your Android device there is a camera, good or bad - it does not matter, the main thing is that you have it. That is why you need great, attention, free application for quick editing of your photos. Of all, of course, necessary and useful, I would like to point out some, in my opinion, the most useful and successful.:

  • Various modes and photo editing options: rotation, cropping, scaling, adding frames, text, there is also the ability to draw directly on the photo;
  • The ability, directly from the program, to send edited photos to E-mail or social networks;
  • The ability to save edited photos in the most popular formats, such as: JPG or PNG.

That's all for today. You can share your selections in the comments to this post..

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