Set ROOT rights to your Android device

Posted by: 15.05.2018

Greetings to you, dear user of mobile devices (smartphones and tablet computers) based on the wonderful and very functional Android operating system (4).

In today's article, I will tell you how you can significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of your gadget by installing root (root) rights on it, namely - getting root rights on Android (4) (Android). Here is just a partial list of all the features available to you if you have root (root) rights on your mobile gadget.:

  • Opportunity delete standard apps on your Android (4) (Android) device. Agree, not everyone needs standard applications that are part of the default operating system. But, without root (root) rights, it is impossible to remove them, but with such rights (they are often called super rights) easily;
  • Use themes for your gadget. A very interesting function that allows you to remove and change the design, which for a long time has had time to get bored and, as they say, “blur the eye”;
  • Makes changes to system data. This feature is useful if you are going to expand the functionality of your device by changing the standard system data and settings;
  • Install games and various applications directly on the memory card. This is just a mega useful feature and opportunity, now you will not need to clutter up the memory of your Android (4) (Android) device, because all applications can be installed on a memory card.

Here is a list, by the way, I want to note that the list is not complete, utilities and new features that give you root (root) rights.

Program for rutting

In order to install (receive) root (root) rights on your Android (4) device (smartphone or tablet computer), we will use an excellent, free program on a personal computer called - Kingo Android (4) ROOT. The program you can download (receive) from the official website of the company Kingo at this link - In order to download the program, click on the suggested link and click the “Download” button, which means “download” in Russian.

Android Routing Software - Kingo Android ROOT
I will not describe the process of downloading and running this program, since he is very simple. Once you have managed to download the program to your computer, you need to run it and follow the instructions below.

Rutting process

After you have downloaded the program (I hope that you could download it without any problems) you need to run it, Then we perform the following steps.:

    • Connect your Android (4) device to your personal computer on which you can download the program for rutting, using USB;
    • Now, on your device, you need to start the “Debug USB” mode, this is done like this: go to the operating system settings, then select the “For Developers” item and turn on the debug mode;
    • After all the above operations, the Kingo Android program (4) ROOT will determine the model of your Android (4) gadget and begin the process of loading (receiving) and installing the necessary drivers. This all happens automatically and you, at this step, do not need to bother much;
    • So, the connection of your mobile device and the program has happened, now you need to do a “complicated” operation, namely to press the “Root” button (Route rights). If any messages appear on your phone or tablet, then we respond positively to everything;

Rooting in Kingo Android ROOT

  • After installing the root (root of rights) rights of your Android (4) (Android) device, the Kingo Android ROOT program will notify you of the completion of work and will offer to restart your device. To ensure that your root (root) rights, i.e. super rights, take effect you need to agree to restart and restart your gadget.

It's important: you can also use this program to cancel (receive) rutting. There may be a lot of reasons, for example, after the above actions you noticed any changes, for the worse, in the operation of your Android (4) (Android) device (mobile phone or tablet computer). To cancel rutting, all the steps described above are just, but instead of the “Root” button, click the “Remove Root” button.

Today, this is all, I hope (you managed to download the proposed program for rutting (Ruth is right)) you received the information for which you actually came here. Also welcome comments that you leave to this article..

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