TOP 3 of memorable programs and games on Android

Posted by: 16.06.2018

Cool apps and games for AndroidHello everyone, happy owners of devices on the Android operating system. In today's article, I will try to make a small selection of cool (although, more precisely, to say - unusual programs) applications for gadgets on the Android OS, also, under the TOP, there will be a video from which you will learn about unusual games for the same OS.

When you bought yourself a gadget (tablet computer or smartphone) on Android, you most likely planned how to use it: watch movies, play games, use programs or devote all the time to entertainment. The following “cool programs (games)” do not carry any practical benefits and are created only for the purpose of “killing time”, games are especially good at killing, everyone probably agrees with this.

So, let's begin our unusual, but undoubtedly interesting, TOP 3 programs (applications), naturally - they are all cool, at least in my opinion.

Broken Screen


Application for Android Broken Screen
This program - simulated screen on your gadget. Practical benefit from this application, as you might guess, no. Is that if you want to "pin up" your friend or acquaintance.

You give him a normal (not damaged and whole) device, after your victim has played with the phone and returns it to you, you start the Broken Screen application and declare to an unsuspecting friend that he allegedly broke your gadget (tablet or smartphone).

Let us leave behind the scenes the humorous component of this joke, I will say only that you don’t joke with particularly impressionable acquaintances, otherwise the consequences may be unpredictable. You can download the application at the link above.

Metal detector


Android application Metal Detector
Again, the practical benefits of this application can be argued, but in the end it will not be possible to find it. With this application you can really detect metal objects near your device based on the Android operating system.. According to the developers, this is possible thanks to the magnetic sensors built into the devices. It’s hard to say how true this is, I didn’t dare to check this application.

Of course, even if this is possible, you will not be able to find metal objects hidden, for example, in the ground, so this application will not go for a full search, here only a real metal detector will help.

Cat Translator


Android application Cat Translator
Do you know what language cats speak? For example, I do not know. But, apparently, the developers of this application unraveled the secrets of the cat's tongue and provided us with a tool that will allow us to understand the meaning of the sounds that our woolen friend publishes. With this application you can understand the language of cats!

The application has both a paid version and a free one. In the free Android version, which is completely natural, the possibilities are limited. If you want to fully communicate with your four-legged friend, you can spend a certain amount of money on the full version of this program.

Cool prog does not end there Below you will find a selection of “Funny Games”.

Games (video)

Well, and lastly, we publish a video clip from which you can learn more about funny and unusual games (applications and programs), of course, for the operating system - Android.

That's all for today. If you know more cool applications, feel free to leave links to them in the comments to this material..

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