Android device: how to reflash yourself

Posted by: 09.01.2018

The Android system is an open source operating system that is available for modifications and extensions. What is required to flash the device?

There are official updates that fix bugs and make additions, but not every device on this system has the ability to offer automatic updates, although the technical capabilities allow.

There are many unofficial firmware available that allow you to change the design, remove the pre-installed applications, add useful features.

The need to flash the device arises for many. There are several ways to do this.:

  • OTA updates. Downloaded via wi-fi or Internet traffic, they “arrive” automatically.
  • Through the computer. A fairly safe way, the firmware is installed when the device is connected to the PC.
  • Through the Recovery menu on the device itself. To flash, you need an 100% charge and a downloaded firmware zip file.

Preparation for flashing

To reflash android, you need to prepare:

  • Through the device settings, find out the version of the firmware that you already have. Path "Settings -> About phone -> Firmware version".
  • Charge your device on 100%. Turning off the device in the process can lead to unpleasant consequences for the system.
  • Download the firmware version for the device you want to flash from the Internet. If you install an unofficial firmware, additionally read reviews about the work, before sewing.
  • Backup your android device: if something doesn't suit you in a new firmware, you can back to previous version.

PC firmware

  • Put the firmware version on drive C.
  • Download the Odin3 program, put it on the C drive.
  • Connect your android device to computer via USB cable.
  • When the device is turned off, enter the firmware mode.
  • Run the program, find the firmware file, click "flash" (or start).

How to flash Android

The firmware process takes approximately 7-10 minutes. During the process you can not disconnect the android device from the computer. If you have a laptop, it is better to connect it to the network or make sure that the battery is fully charged, otherwise instead of reflashing the device, you can turn it into a brick and then suffer for a long time with the restoration.

Firmware using a zip file through the device itself

  • Get root-rights. For each android device options for obtaining rights may be different.
  • Install a backup program Recovery, for example - ClockWorkMod.
  • Copy the firmware to the SD card or the device itself.
  • Install an SD card, go to Recovery mode. The combination of buttons for each device is also its own.
  • Reset the settings, then reboot the device.
  • Select the desired firmware on the card and run the process.
  • After the flashing process is complete, restart the device again by selecting the reboot system now menu.

How to flash Android

Before flashing the device, it is worth transferring all available data to another medium: after the firmware, there will be no user files, contacts in the phone book, etc. It is not difficult to reflash the device, but remember that installing the firmware is a proven one, and not the first one.

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