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Posted by: 23.01.2018

Greetings to you, dear reader. In today's article, we will talk with you on such, undoubtedly, useful, topic as - synchronization. Synchronization allows, at one point, not to lose all the data from your smartphone based on the Android operating system. Android contact syncing also useful in order not to lose phone numbers from your notebook.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the programs for synchronization. I tried to include the most high-quality and intuitive tools into the selection of synchronization programs.

So let's get started.


Android sync program - MyPhoneExplorer
Pretty high-quality program for synchronization. The undoubted advantage is the fact that the program is completely free. So, how to use this tool:

  • Download and install this software tool. Link to the program - I will not describe in detail the process of downloading and installing the program, since everything is very simple here;
  • On your Android device, turn on “USB debugging mode”. We enter the gadget menu, then “Settings” item, then “Developer options” -> check mark “USB debugging”. If the “Developer Parameters” is not visible, then do the following: go to the information section about your device, click on the assembly number ten times, then this necessary item will appear in the settings;
  • Next, you need to connect your Android device to the PC, this is done using a USB cable (in most cases);
  • Start the program, after starting press the F1 key on the keyboard of your PC;
  • In the window that opens, select "USB cable".

After the above, simple operations the program will start synchronizing your device with your PC, it may take some time. Also, using this synchronization program, you can manage data on your Android device, directly, from your PC.


The program to synchronize Android - MoboRobo
Another good program for managing and synchronizing an Android gadget with a personal computer (PC). This software tool, like the previous one, is completely free. So, a little instruction on how to use this program..

  • Go to the official website of the program MoboRobo, link to the resource - Next, you need to download and install this tool on your PC, I will not describe this simple operation in detail, because everything is so simple that even a child can handle it;
  • Debug your Android device via USB, as described in the description of the previous program. There is also nothing complicated;
  • Connect your device to your PC with a USB cable. Next, run the downloaded and previously installed MoboRobo program;
  • In the program we find and click on the “Refreshing” button (located on the right side of the program).

Everything, now you can manage your gadget and synchronize it, directly, from your PC. To understand the work with the program will not be any difficult, the interface is not complicated and intuitive.


Android sync program - AirDroid
Very powerful and modern software package for control your android Smartphone from PC and sync with it. This software product has both a free version and a paid one. If you want to completely control your gadget, you can spend money on the purchase of the program. If not, then the free version should be enough for you. Below you can find a small instruction on working with this software.:

  • First you need to install the AirDroid application on your Android gadget. Link to the application -;
  • Go to the web interface of the program at this link -;
  • Next, you need to open the previously installed AirDroid application on your Android device;
  • When the application starts, you need to click on the “Copy QR Code” button;
  • Next, a QR code appears in the web interface, you need to scan it using your device.

Thus, you have access to the program on your PC.

That's all for today. I hope you learned a useful tool from this material and at least one of the programs presented to you came up. Let me remind you once again - do not forget to do synchronization regularly, because this simple operation will allow you not to lose important data on your Android device..

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    grey_rat (26.01.2018 01: 17)

    MyPhoneExplorer program is not able to establish connection with the phone (Android 4.4.2), but it constantly requires money.
    In the furnace.

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