The best analogues of Siri for Android

Posted by: 04.04.2018

IPhone developers have developed a unique application Siri, which allows using voice commands to launch programs, search for information and much more. What to do to those who use phones running the Android operating system? It's simple, you need to find a worthy analogue of Siri for the Android OS.

Assistant for Android

What is Siri

Siri is a cloud assistant that answers questions from the iPhone owner. Due to its functionality, the application allows you to control your mobile device using voice commands.

After Siri gained popularity, the developers decided to create counterparts that are installed on Android. Most of the intelligent systems can:

  • Wake up instead of an alarm clock;
  • Report a weather forecast;
  • Notify on new developments in the world (region);
  • Help in managing the phone;
  • Remind important dates (birthdays and other holidays);
  • Find the right information on the Internet.

Almost all Siri for Android communicate with the owner of the phone using voice. It is worth noting that part of the application responds only to English-speaking speech. To avoid any problems with management, you need to install Siri for Android in Russian.


Before installing the application on a smartphone, you should consider all the popular analogues of Siri on android. In fact, on the Internet you can find more than a dozen intelligent systems. And some of them can work without connecting to the Internet.

Analogs Siri

The most popular intelligent systems include:

  • Assistant - the best of existing programs. Perfectly copes with navigation and sending SMS messages. The program interface is intuitive. The assistant is able to joke, which adds some charm;
  • Dusia - an intellectual program that is distributed completely free of charge. Unlike competitors, the assistant supports the Russian language. This makes it easier to manage the program;
  • Talking Blonde 3D - cartoon assistant, managing smartphone. The program is distributed in two variations: paid and free. The free version is limited by the lack of a voice module;
  • Skyvi - a small but functional equivalent of Siri. The assistant is easy to use, and it is also distributed free of charge;
  • Dragon in smartphone - one of the best programs that allow you to control the device. A distinctive feature is the unique interface and accuracy of voice commands;
  • Andy - Assistant, who not only manages the smartphone, but also finds the necessary information on the Internet. The disadvantage is the absence of the Russian language. All commands are in English;
  • Robin - Russian-speaking assistant, which can be installed on any smartphones. In addition to the basic functionality, the program is capable of telling jokes and interesting stories.

It does not matter which analogue of Siri will be selected. The main thing that the installed assistant copes with the tasks.

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To sum up

Siri analogues installed on Android are not inferior in functionality, so you can safely install the application. Before installing an intelligent system, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the functionality of the program, and then select the one that best suits your needs. Especially popular assistant "Dusya". Therefore it is worth considering this Russian-language program.

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