Hidden camera for Android

Posted by: 11.12.2017

Want to become a real spy and record someone on camera? Life is often full of episodes that are simply impossible not to save. If there is no other device at hand, use a smartphone. It will instantly turn into a spy tool with a special application. Spy Camera OS 3 or other options.

Download spy camera for Android

Download a hidden camera for Android in Russian, you can absolutely free. After installing it, an icon appears in the application menu in the form of a regular notepad. This is done intentionally, so that no one can guess your spy plans. While shooting, it is almost impossible to prove on the phone that a recording is being made.

Top spy camera apps for Android

Want to choose the best application for hidden shooting? Consider the most popular options.

Spy Camera OS 3 - A great program, designed only for the Android operating system. The application has a thoughtful interface that makes it impossible to guess that the shooting is underway. It can work in the background and allows you to open any program on the screen, such as a browser. Beginners are often surprised at how the smartphone processor copes with two such time-consuming tasks at once. With the help of the application, you can take photos and videos in the background.

Hidden Camera Pro - A popular application that works even on an extinct screen and a locked device. If you are looking for a good spy camera on Android, feel free to choose this option. It will not be displayed in the list of applications, and therefore the person using your phone will never guess that it is being removed. And if he guesses and enters the Hidden Camera Pro, he will not be able to delete the program files, because he will need to enter a password.

Spy camera - A useful application that has a number of valuable options. For example, it allows you to shoot on a schedule. In addition, this spy camera on Android can be activated via SMS. It also allows you to watch pictures and videos using another device, as the application automatically downloads them to Google Drive. In order for the program to work, you will need to enter a password, so only the owner of the smartphone can open it.

Guide to hidden video on Android

As soon as you start the hidden camera for Android for the first time, the instructions for using it will appear on the screen. At the bottom of the window that opens, you will find buttons to control the application. You can set the necessary parameters of the camera for hidden shooting in the settings, where available:

  • turning on and off the training mode;
  • setting up the application interface;
  • use of the function of super-hidden mode;
  • selection of codec, focus type, resolution;
  • use security records;
  • enable and disable application protection;
  • setting options for hidden video and photographing.

Other features of spyware for Android

application Spy Camera OS 3 and other options are taken both with the help of the front and through the rear camera. Purely visually any person who uses your phone, it will be difficult to guess that it is being monitored. The program will monitor it when it sits on social networks, reads news on the screen.

The application for shooting a hidden camera splits the captured video into several fragments. This is done in order not to create huge files.

Hidden camera for Android can shoot the highest quality videos 1080p / 720p. In addition, the application has the option to take pictures at a certain time interval. This feature will be relevant if necessary to save battery power.

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