Where can I quickly and safely download Skype for Android OS

Posted by: 03.07.2018

Skype for androidGreetings to you, dear lover of tablet computers and mobile devices. In today's article we will talk about the Skype application for Android.
You probably know that Skype is a program (you can download it for free), for various platforms and operating systems, allowing you to make free calls and video calls to any part of the planet, the most important condition is that your interlocutor also has Skype installed.

As mentioned above - the program can be downloaded to your Android device, absolutely free. Today, Skype and free calls have become as common as radio and television in the house.

The program Skype, with a relatively recent time, has become available from mobile devices and tablet computers based on the Android operating system. The most important condition for the operation of the program is the availability of Internet on your Android device (via a wireless Wi-Fi network or 3G, 4 G network).


Among all the available features of the program Skype, on the Android operating system, I want to highlight the following:

  • Calls from the device to the device with the installed program are absolutely free. In addition to calls, you have the option of instant messaging, similar to iCQ technology;
  • The program “knows how” to make calls to landlines and mobile phones, which allows you to establish a collection from your device with any user of a mobile or home phone. This service is provided for money, if you compare prices, then prices in Skype are much less;
  • If you regularly synchronize your Skype contacts with the address book in your account, these contacts will not be lost.

Skype for android

Link to the program

Download, let me remind you that the program can be downloaded for free, you can download the Skype application for your device based on the Android operating system from the official website of the company, just follow the suggested link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skype.raider

It's important: in order to immediately download from install the program on your Android device go to the link offered above, it is better directly from the device itself. If you click on the link from a regular desktop computer, then you will not be able to download the program.

How to use the application

After you download the application to your Android device and install it, you will need to take some simple, but necessary, steps to start using all the features of the program.

  • Register in the program (it's free). By registration is meant the creation of an account in Skype, which will store all your data, contacts, etc .;
  • When you register you need come up with a login (name, nickname) under which you will be registered in Skype. By this login you will be able to find your friends. Remember - the login is selected once and for all, then it will not be possible to change it, so take your choice as seriously as possible;
  • Next you need come up with a password to log in in skype. This should be done so that third parties could not, without your knowledge, gain access to your account. The password is better to use complex, consisting of at least twelve characters, and should be used as letters in upper and lower case, numbers and special characters, such as brackets, dashes, etc. Remember: the harder your password, the harder it will be for attackers to hack into your account and use your list of contacts;
  • You need to have your email inbox. (you can get it for free at gmail.com). When registering on Skype, you need to specify your real-life email address. In case of loss of access to your account, you can restore it free of charge through an electronic mailbox.
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