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Posted by: 09.04.2018

“Live” wallpapers for Android, they are often called dynamic wallpapers, you can download on several sites, most wallpapers are available for free.

Good day, dear lover and user of tablet computers. In today's article, I will tell you where you can download “Live” wallpapers for Android on your tablet.

By “live” I mean dynamic wallpaper i.e. not just a still image, but a moving image, in most cases interactive (i.e. interacts with the user).

If you have a tablet computer based on the iOS operating system (i.e., an iPad), then you may have noticed that, starting with the seventh version of the iOS operating system, dynamic wallpaper has appeared. Android users have been able to use “live” wallpapers for quite some time, this, in fact, was the main external honors iOS from Android.

For the most part, dynamic wallpapers are free, but some can be purchased for money. Below I give a list of popular resources where you can download wallpapers to your Android device for free..

After a long search, unfortunately, I did not find a single good Russian-language resource dedicated to live Android wallpapers, but on the other hand, I found pretty good English-language resources dedicated to this topic. Even if you are not familiar with the language, you will still be able to use the proposed resources because their interface is intuitive.

Site with Wallpaper

Site with Wallpaper
Go to the website

Pretty good resource with wallpaper for your tablet. The base of dynamic wallpaper is not very large, but all the proposed wallpaper is of good quality, which, in my opinion, is the main selection criterion.

Advantages of the resource:

  • High quality wallpapers;
  • All wallpaper files are located on the site server, and not on third-party resources;
  • Convenient, intuitive interface of the site will allow even a beginner to use it;
  • Conveniently organized search for the dynamic wallpaper you need.


  • A small base of files with wallpaper;
  • Lack of support for the Russian language (update: at the moment the site supports Russian).

Wallpaper site

Wallpaper site
Go to the website

A good resource containing a small archive with dynamic wallpaper. The site contains not only free wallpapers, but also provides an opportunity to purchase paid wallpapers, such wallpapers, most of them are of better quality than free options, although there are exceptions.

Advantages of the resource:

  • A good base wallpaper;
  • In the archive of the site there are both paid wallpapers and free ones. Everyone will choose the option that suits him best;
  • Convenient interface and site navigation.

Resource disadvantages:

  • I would like more wallpapers;
  • Lack of support for the Russian language on the resource;
  • Most of the wallpapers are presented in video links to the Google Play store, which presents some inconveniences for those who use the site not from a tablet computer, but from a regular desktop.

The program "Live Wallpaper"

Live Wallpaper Program

And the third resource (although not even a resource, but an application) in our today's list (I want to replace that the third one is only in order, and not in importance and convenience) is available in the Google Play store. You can download the Live Wallpaper application from the store and directly from it (from the downloaded and installed application) put dynamic wallpaper on your tablet computer or other gadget with just one click.

Advantages of the resource:

  • Quite an impressive base of live wallpapers, which are available for installation on your Android device, absolutely, for free;
  • All wallpapers available from the application are downloaded to your device in high definition - HD (1280x720), which is one of the main advantages of this application;
  • All proposed, in the application, the wallpaper is compatible with most Android devices.

Resource disadvantages:

  • The need to download and install additional software on your device;
  • On some gadgets, the application may slightly “slow down”.
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