How to remove a virus from an Android phone

Posted by: 03.09.2018

For many users of phones today, the device is not just a communication device, but also an excellent tool for spending time. Listen to music, watch videos, play various applications - this has become an integral part of the application of a phone that has an Android operating system. But is there a virus somehow getting into the operating system? It happens:

  • when downloading something from the Internet;
  • at the time of sending and receiving files using Bluetooth;
  • when receiving SMS or MMS.

So, it is impossible to insure any device from the virus. Getting into the phone, the virus is bad for its performance, it blocks some applications. There are cases when a gadget with a virus stops working altogether.

How to remove a virus or trojan from the phone

Remove virus from Android

From a phone or tablet, removing a virus is more difficult than from a computer, but possible. So, how to remove a virus or trojan from Android. If your device still got into trouble, you discovered a virus or trojan, then in order to remove unnecessary software, you need to do the following:

  • You will need to scan and clean the device with an antivirus program. In this case, you will need to connect the device to the PC, scan the gadget with a computer antivirus program.
  • Once the trojan has been removed, disconnect the device from the computer, return the default settings to the phone. In order to do everything quickly, without losing data, it is better to copy all the necessary information from the memory of your phone to the direct backup storage media.
  • Then you need to synchronize phone data with Android OS.
  • The first thing you need after data synchronization is installing an anti-virus program. Anti-virus software such as Kaspersky Mobile Security, Avast, has been developed for the Android operating system. This is the most popular antivirus for Android. They do not just block the installation of some suspicious programs of the Trojan, but also block calls, sending messages.

Virus on Android

Since removing a trojan is not so easy with conventional tools with Android, it is imperative to use specially designed software with antivirus nature for this purpose, or advanced file managers that provide root access to all system folders of this device for users.

Virus on Android

It is also possible to freeze the trojan in a menu specifically designed to control various applications..

Very often, you can read in the comments that the virus has the right to administer the device or is embedded in the system file. The device administrator is such a program that has an extended list of rights and authorities, in contrast to other ordinary applications.

Deactivating this program is available in the Settings menu, then Security and Device Administrators. I hope you managed to remove all viruses and trojans from your phone.

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