How to set up remote control of Android from a personal computer

Posted by: 03.07.2018

Access to Android remotely can be done in different ways. The choice of method depends on the user's initial capabilities and personal preferences..


To implement a remote control from a computer gadget based on the OS for Android, there are two ways based on:

  • Remote control using the built-in Google;
  • Remote control using software from other developers.

Using built-in Google tools

If you set up remote control using this method, there will be a number of limitations. This method has limited access to the device. Often it is applied to phones or smartphones, although it is possible to use it with tablets.

Of the functions that are available to the user in this method, the ability to track the location of the phone, call it and block access to it is noted.

It is possible to configure remote data reset. For the availability of these features, you need to have an account with Google, make settings on your smartphone:

  • You need to go to the "Applications" menu and find "Google Settings."
  • In this menu, select "Security".
  • Next, find the item "Remote device search" and tick. Below is the item "Remote lock, reset settings." If necessary, this function is also ticked.
  • You also need to go to the menu of the general settings of the smartphone, in the “Personal” section, select the item “Location”.
  • In this case, tick the box “Google location service” and “Location, Google search”.
  • Then start the Internet browser on the computer itself and go to at.
  • First of all, authorization with your Google account is required. As a result, a page will open displaying a map with the device’s location, available call-to-phone functions, and blocking / resetting data.

Connect using third-party software


A large variety of Android programs, which is designed to receive remote access to Android, is the AirDroid program. This is a free program with a simple and clear interface.

You will need to download and install the application on your own device. Then run it, and the address that appears on the screen of the application, you need to enter on the computer screen in the browser.

The program will offer two connection options. Due to the upper address, it is possible to control the phone from the global network from a computer, but registration in the program is necessary. And thanks to the lower one, this is only a local area network connection from a computer that does not require registration.

After confirming the chosen option, you will need to click both on the computer and on the device.. This will open the initial page of the program in the browser, as a result of which interaction is possible.

I hope you managed to set up remote control of your Android gadget from a personal computer.

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